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  1. Auto X & Road Racing EP3
    just wondering what class you guys are running and what classes do you think the ep can be somewhat competitive in
  2. Motorcycles
    I'm taking bike classes in a couple of days and I've never ridden before. Got any tips for me? I would really appreciate it.
  3. Motorcycles
    Hi, After you pass that MSF class do you get license also? Or do I need to goto the DMV to take the road test? A friend of mine mention something about taking a course and at the end of the course if you pass their test you get licensed. It's a private company but they are certified to give...
  4. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I've got a couple of questions to pose for you guys. I've done a bit of searching, but haven't come up with anything definitive yet. I'm asking these questions for stock SCCA class purposes only. I currently have the original pads (50-70% left at 81k miles!) and rotors on my car. 1. I'm...
  5. Auto X & Road Racing
    I currently have only an intake and 21mm rear sway bar... does this mean i can't compete in the stock class? I feel i would do very poorly if they bumped me up to STS because now i'm in a class where you can modify significantly, and i really don't have that much... what do you think? I...
  6. Auto X & Road Racing
    with all the success the kumho mx had at nationals in 2005... is it the new standard for the street tire classes? the falken azenis (615) are good... but no one i have talked to has seemed TOO thrilled about them. and hankook (ventus rs2) has emerged as another major player. and given that at...
  7. Auto X & Road Racing
    Well, I finally got down to reading alot of the new rules and frankly I'm very dissappointed with the classing. The Acura Integra Type-R has been put in DSP with the rest of the Integras....that makes no sense what so ever if you know much about the Type-R. And they are on different lines so...
  8. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    What does Pro Modified, Pro Stock, Pro Compact, etc. mean??? :dontknow: Is it only for NOPI??
  9. Auto X & Road Racing
    Ptracy any idea when can we organize some classes for the SoCal group?
  10. Auto X & Road Racing
    I autox'ed last year under G-stock. I just got a K&N Typhoon intake as trade for some graphic work -I love the intake btw. I plan to autox a lot more next year. What class will I get thrown into? How much more competitive is it? And, how much worse will I get my butt kicked? I was mid-way in the...
1-10 of 12 Results