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  1. Cell Phones
    Uploaded with wifie thethering unlocked $140
  2. Cell Phones
    Hey clubrsx I'm selling my motorola cliq cuz I switched to sprint and need to buy evo4g. It is like new has very minimal marks on the edge but nothing that affects the performance at all. Has original accessories and the original box Have pics up soon $175 obo
  3. Cell Phones
    I have a like new Motorola CLiq but really want g1 back =( its black and like new with very minimal marks here and there comes with everythin including original box when i bought it opening day. Really want a bronze or white g1 and would be willing to trade if you added cash on your side PM...
  4. Cell Phones
    Looking to sell an Unlocked Motorola cliq. it is unlocked to any gsm carrier and I have had the phone for about 6 months now and its in great condition. I am looking to get $200 shipped obo and if you have any questions just pm me.
  5. Cell Phones
    so my gf just signed a 2 year contract with T-Mobile, i was acutally looking for a Iphone and get it unlock and use it with tmobile, but the guy talk me into getting the CLIQ and i did, i havent even use it yet, still in box. Selling it brand new NEVER USED for $320 or TRADE FOR IPHONE! CLIQ...
  6. Cell Phones
    So I just received the new cliq from tmobile. Price is 240 shipped and paypaled! This is brand new I just received it today. Ill throw in a case for free. You'll get charger case headphones if you want them but they have been in my ear, and the memory card it comes with I think its 2gigs. Here...
  7. Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  8. Cell Phones
    Looking to sell two phones both in like new condition i want a google nexus and need to sell these first. Cliq has black gel skin and has never been used and BB has been used for a few weeks
1-9 of 10 Results