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  1. Car Care Showoff RSX
    I had a friend contact me to do an opti-coat on is new Z06. What do you do when you have another car scheduled already, put them to work :) I knew he was more than capable, so he helped me every step of the way. We started with the wheels with some Sonax FE, Wheel woolies, and a boars hair...
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    To summarize, my car got a large amount of small scratches on it over the last couple months. Its gotten a couple cheapo waxes at car places since then. If I wish to apply touch-up paint/ or a paint pen on it, what is the best way to remove this thin coat of wax? Do i just need to wipe it down...
  3. Everything Else
    heritage 1981 (part of the forever 21 & H&M family) wool pea coat sz small ,slim fit,$40 shipped new spring 08' H&M pinstripe blazer ,sz 34 chest ,slim fit,$50 shipped new 2008 tommy hilfiger(new trend) blue blazer sz extra small ,slim fit ,retails $148.00 , $75.00 shipped banana republic...
  4. Car Care RSX
    OK well I applied 3 layers of Zaino on my car less than 10 days ago, and all of it is gone after washing my car this evening. Now I've been using Zaino for YEARS so I'm not new to the application process, but I have no idea what the heck happened. Here's the step by step process I went through...
  5. Car Care RSX
    ok so i have a question for you guys... i wash, claybar, wash... then i apply my polish.. how long before i can polish again of move onto the next step? and after the polish the waxing as much time in between coats if needed? im using the poorboys line
  6. Exterior Mods RSX
    Okay guys. Sorry for the ridiculous amount of threads about this. But I have decided to go with what the poll leaned towards completely: painting my Prelude black. Now, the question, what kind of black to paint it. So far the only black that has really stood out is the berlina black from the...
  7. Car Care RSX
    Ok I have a NHBP and want a really nice shine. I plan on claybaring and than washing with meguiars gold class soap. After I was wandering how many coats of Meguiars gold class can I apply?
  8. Car Care RSX
    Okay, so it's time to Zaino the wife's car (silver CR-V) and I'm wondering if putting two coats of Zaino will make it last longer or if it's just to make it look better. I am well aware that the more coats of Zaino the better the car looks, but since it's my wife's car and it's silver I'm not...
  9. Car Care RSX
    Thanks to every one who mentioned, recommended, and already posted pics of their cars that made me order some. Thanks to Homer2 who I emailed a shit load asking about microfiber towles. You can see my list of stuff I got on my other Car Care thread. On Friday may 23 I put wased my car with...
  10. Car Care RSX
    I'm going to put another coat of zaino Z2 polish on my car. Am I supposed to reapply Z1 again? or just wash, dry then Z2. thanks, Oats
  11. Car Care RSX
    Just look at the reflections!! :eek: Not bad for a white car heh?
1-11 of 11 Results