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  1. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Anyone has one for sale i need one, don't want center console as I'm keeping my usdm one. Shoot me any offers I live in Dallas, Texas
  2. Suspension & Brakes EP3
    hi, that thing really works?
  3. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hey, I've been having an issue with my height locking collar coming loose the past while. I've been using a flathead and a hammer to lock them. Should I use the c wrench instead?
  4. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I have a set of megan street coils me being the ricer hellaflush kid, I want to go low but sadly these coils dont go low at all... I read about removing the locking ring/collar for a tad bit more low, and I've read a lot of mixed reviews about it. I'm not sure if its a good idea or not, sounds...
  5. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Anyone try these yet?
  6. Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  7. Exterior & Interior RSX
    have oem rsx-s front floor mats pretty much never been stepped on, always had the all weather floor mats on top of them, shoot me an offer on them. Also have a pretty good condition oem rsx-s shift knob with collar again shoot me an offer than that. thanks for your time. you can get to me...
  8. The DIY Garage EP3
    Tired of having an aftermarket shift knob but having to keep that ugly chrome piece under the knob? Well here's your solution and it's free! Remove the lower part of the dash to get to the chrome piece. Use needlenose pliers to separate the chrome piece from the black piece holding it on...
  9. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Looking for oem collar OR Shift boot with collar. Lmk what u all have.
  10. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for an oem collar for my type-s shift, hit me with pictures and price. thx
  11. Exterior & Interior RSX
    $25 shipped and it's yours, it has a few scratches but the collar is not cracked and the color is obviously titanium. PM or text me at 317-372-1808.
  12. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I recently installed my coils but im not satisfied with the drop, i wanna go lower. Has any1 removed any collars on theirs? if so, plz lmk which one u removed and if it really makes a difference. thanks!
  13. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Looking to buy a JDM shift collar like the one pictured. If anyone has one for sale or knows where to get one, please let me know. Thanks. Uploaded with
  14. Exterior & Interior RSX
    looking for a 05 06 oem tray with booth and collar. must be 05 because i want it to have the chrome trim around booth. collar and booth must be included..Pm me!!
  15. Canada West: For Sale & Want to Buy
    As title state, selling a brand new set of Spoon style rigid collar kit made from full aluminimum with special andozied coating fits FD2, FD3, EP3, DC5, GD1, GD2, GD3, GD4) The Spoon Sub-Frame Rigid Collar Kit features increased rigidity over the standard collars to remove suspension...
  16. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Selling a stock shift boot in perfect condition and stock shifter collar. Shifter collar has some blemishes but not noticeable when shifter boot is on it. Titanium shift knob has few scratches on it, but still looks great. Knob has some weight to it as well. Please make me decent offer...
  17. Exterior & Interior RSX
    FD2 type R shift knob with collar and S2k CR shift knob Up for sale are FD2 type R shift knob with collar and S2k CR shift knob. I bought these from icbmotorsport for my girl but she doesn't like them. Condition is brand new except boxes are opened. No scratches. FD2 type R shift knob with...
  18. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Just replaced my shift boot with the CRSX one. So I have the stock OEM leather shift boot w/ collar for sale. came out of my 2003 rsx-s. i'm sure everyone knows what this looks like so i'll post a pic when I getta chance. Its in excellent condition, no rips, or anything. Give me an offer and its...
  19. Exterior & Interior RSX
    30 shipped for the knob and collar *SOLD* 25 shipped for the emblems 30 shipped on the filter, brand new or shoot me an offer My camera broke on my phone yesterday so I only have pictures of the emblems and filter
1-20 of 53 Results