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  1. History made. First ever launch of an Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) off a carrier

  2. FS: MOMO Combat EVO shift knob

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    $40 shipped. Immaculate condition and I probably had it for maybe a month? Nice shift knob and fits just as secure as the oem shift knob. Text me I will respond faster if you are interested (919) 995-2852
  3. First all-female crew to fly combat mission aboard an E-2C Hawkeye

    USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) 120125-N-DR144-012 ARABIAN SEA (Jan. 25, 2012) From left to right, Air Control Officer Lt. Nydia Williams, Radar Operator Lt. j.g. Ashley Ellison, Plane Commander Lt. Cmdr. Tara Refo, Pilot Lt. Ashley Ruic, and Mission Commander Lt. Cmdr. Brandy Jackson, all assigned to...
  4. Halo Combat Evolved HD

    Video Games
    No thread on this? Anyways, new info came up today. Can't wait for this gem.
  5. New Ace Combat in 2011

    Video Games
    Sweet, they aren't fucking over the PS3 peeps this time
  6. ..

    Outdoor Items
  7. MOMO Combat Evo Shift Knob

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Superb condition MOMO Combat Evo shift knob, universal fit Silver w/ silver stitching. Love the knob, gonna get carbon to match my dash. Asking 55shipped OBO.
  8. FS: Ace Combat 6 (Fires of Liberation) WITH Flight Stick (Priced to Sell)

    Video Games & Consoles
    Hey Everyone, Recently picked this up but no longer have a need for it as I think I'm getting rid of my 360. That being said, I think this is one of (if not THE) most visually pleasing release in the Ace Combat series. I've played it with both the flight stick and the control and I can tell...
  9. Halo Reach *Official Thread*

    Video Games
    Bungie confirmed today at E3 that they are working on yet another Halo game...Halo Reach due out in 2010. Multiplayer Beta invite will be included with purchase of Halo ODST.
  10. Al Assad(sp?) combat zone?

    So I recently heard that Al Assad air base is no longer a combat zone. My squadron is set to go over next March, & part of my reasoning for extending my current enlistment was to go over to Iraq. But if it's not a combat zone anymore, I don't really care to go. Besides not getting combat pay...
  11. FS: X360 Ace Combat 6 + Flight sticks

    Video Games & Consoles
    Stuff is in next to new condition. No scratches on the game stick and the flight sticks are mint. Retailed for $150 new, asking 100 shipped.
  12. Official Combat Arms Thread

    Video Games
    Hey all, For those of you who checked out my free online game thread. Down Shift is credited with this find! Combat arms is a Free FPS and is actually very fun. All real weapons and has good graphics for a freeby! Anyway, if you like SOCOM and America's army. I'm sure you'll like this...
  13. FS: Glock 19, HK USPf .45, HK USPf .45 Combat Grey

    Outdoor Items
    done. keeping the .45
  14. FS: Ace Combat Six for XBOX 360

    Video Games & Consoles
    played it once, hated it. It's basically new. 45 shipped also have medal of honor airborne for ps3
  15. Ace Combat 6: Fire over your crotch

    Video Games
    Heard good things love the demo wondering if its worth it? Anybody got the full game?
  16. fs: orange box & ace combat 6 for xbox 360

    Everything Else
    both games are in mint condtion ace combat 6 - sold orange box - sold paypal only ...or local pick up in miami prices are firm __________________
  17. fs: orange box & ace combat 6 for xbox 360

    Video Games & Consoles
    both games are in mint condtion ace combat 6 - sold orange box - sold paypal only ...or local pick up in miami prices are firm
  18. Combat shirts?????

    However, to retain modesty, the original fabric was maintained in the mid-chest area. Both fabrics have a four-way stretch. Link I'm not sure what they are actually going to use this for. If it replaces the entire BDU top in warm climate weather that would be fantastic. If this is some high...
  19. Combat ain't got nothing on this wing....

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I even like the color..