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  1. K24a2 compression

    K-Series Swaps
    Hi. Just finished doing compression test on my 04 tsx parts car yesterday and i got 150-160-155-150. Is the engine healthy? Im planning on swapping it in my type s in the future
  2. Low compression

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    well first 03 rsx type s with 05 k20z1 .. my starter went out had car towed home,replaced the starter. got the car to start for roughly 30-45 seconds then cut out and would not start agian.. checked compression and was quite low.. 90 110 95 85 or roughly around there. ive been told to pool at...
  3. No Compression in any cylinders

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I am not getting any Compression in any of my cylinders. I have checked for water in my oil and there isnt any. There isn't any oil in my water either. The compression test shows 0 at all cylinders.
  4. Compression #'s seem low

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Had motor rebuilt 2.5K miles ago. Already using a lot of oil. Car runs just fine,but I believe my numbers are low. ITR pistons were used. Getting consistent 180 across all 4 cylinders but thought it would be higher
  5. Compression test! Help!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    CEL turned on a week ago saying PO304....(Cylinder #4 misfire) Switched the Ignition Coil packs around and Still was ON (Going to need some new coils asap!) Do i decided to do a compression test and the results we're with WOT Cylinder #1 : 200 Cylinder #2 : 175 Cylinder #3 : 175 Cylinder #4 ...
  6. Low Compression Numbers

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I did a compression test on my 02 Type S and my numbers were lower than what I've read others report. I had: 1. 170 2. 170 3. 165 4. 170 Are these numbers okay or do I have a problem? I did not do WOT when testing any cylinder and these were all dry tests. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  7. Compression test results mystery?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello all, I was hoping you could help me figure this one out: Two weeks I ran a compression test because my car was bogging and there was smoke coming from the exhaust during startup Cylinder 1: 151 Cylinder 2: 60 Cylinder 3: 151 Cylinder 4: 151 I left the car alone until today, I ran...
  8. k24a2 compression

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just finished doing a compression test on my 06 k24a2 longblock. Compression ratios across the board were 185-190-200-210. Is it time for a new motor?
  9. Need help with No compression issue..

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So two weeks ago my car went from zero issues, no warning or signs to crank but no start one morning out of no where..I've been extremely busy with work during these holidays so little by little, I did basic diagnose whenever I can find time.. Over the two weeks, i ve checked out all fuses...
  10. Low Compression in 4th Cylinder

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I've found that the reason of my slow start up is a misfire in the 4th cylinder. I ran a compression test and the 4th is only pushing 30 PSI while the first is running 120 and second is pushing 95. (I didn't bother checking the 3rd bc the 4th is the obvious culprit) It's not the spark plugs...
  11. Turbo K20A3- Oil in Cyliners with good compression...

    Turbo RSX
    I have an EP3 with the stock engine that has been turbo'd for 9 years. I am burning oil, have grey smoke out the tail pipe, and oil in 2-3 cylinders as well as intake piping. Oil in Cylinder #3 is almost grimey. Cylinder 1 has a mostly clean spark plug, 2 and 4 have clean oil on the tips and...
  12. K20a3 higher compression

    All Motor RSX
    So I'm a noob to these k series engine building:shakehead I know I should have just got a type s but their really beat up down here in Phoenix anyways I want to see what I can do with a k20a3 first then I'm going to build a k20z1 or a2:fistbump:........ Anyway I want to up my compression on the...
  13. Brand New Manley Low Compression Pistons

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    Brand new Pistons. comes with piston rings. Bose size is 86mm these are 9:0:1 ratio. Never used or installed asking $300 OBO call or text 519-404-eleven twenty only could upload one picture. PM me for more
  14. K24 high compression build question on ips

    Engine Building & Design
    So i just finished building my 88mm bore stock stroke k24 with 14.2.1 compression Manley rods And k20a2 oil pump With a prb k20a2 with stock valves, supertech 100lbs springs and retainers and i just bought the IPS k10 cams with 850 injectors on e85 and a excessive centerfed manifold and a 90mm...
  15. compression test results!?!?

    All Motor RSX
    This morning I went to the auto parts store and bought a compression tester . I was told that the motor I bought had 11.5 to 1 compression pistons. On all four cylinders the compression tester was pegged out at 300 psi. Does this sound right for a high compression motor or is this just a...
  16. compression numbers

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi all, i have looked at the service/shop manual and could not figure out what the compression numbers are suppose to be on our type S motors. some say it should be around 230-235psi while i see others are getting between 180-195psi. if anyone with the knowledge or can direct me to the...
  17. low compression cyl 2, digging to the root

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    found out i had high knock counts in cyl 2 thru my ktuner software via status monitor on my laptop. i had a stock k20z1 that time. thought it was a bad piston ring as i tried the oil drop into cylinder method that spiked up the compression in cyl 2. unfortunately the motor blew a few weeks...
  18. Low Compression RSX Type S

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok here's a little background info. I have an 03 RSX Type S that has been sitting for almost a year. Tried to start it up recently and no luck. Through trial and error so far I have changed spark plugs, replaced the gas with fresh gas, checked fuel line to see if it is is, only...
  19. P0302 Cylinder 2 Low compression - Tight Valves/Valve Adjustment?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    What's up crsx! So recently my friend bought an RSX (108k miles) and has low compression in Cylinder 2. Here are the PSI Readings. This test was performed with engine already warmed up, ecu disabled, and throttle fully depressed when cranking the engine 3-5 times. Cylinder 1: 180ish Cylinder...
  20. Look at latest post (update November 2015)

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello to all, you may remember me by my famous stubborn thread - Poor Acceleration First of all, I want to apologize for such inappropriate comments or behavior to all of you last two years..and I remembered all of you have advised me to do compression & wet test.. So...symptoms for this...