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  1. Southern Cali
    I just wondered how you guys deal with these guys. This morning (10/20/2014) on my way to work, I got pulled over by a cop. Initial reaction was "WTF did I do?" I recently had a speeding ticket months earlier and completed traffic school, so I was not looking forward to this shit at all...
  2. Southern Cali
    :shady: Cops are hungry! Keep this up. Post up where you know where the cops are to give tickets! In the area of LA, OC, anywhere. :stop: :vtec: - Alhambra Rd going down to Mission Rd Cops are there every morning. HEADS UP! HE IS IN A MOTORCYCLE!
  3. Canada East
    be careful with your and my buddy were going to go out and eat and york region pulled us over..he pulled my rsx over for muffler and my buddy for improper tire. He later on called the safety unit on both of us and made me tow my car home because it was unsafe to drive..also got tickets...
  4. Northern Cali Thieves deserves to get shot!
  5. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    hey everyone this is my first post and well ima just start. i have a red 06 rsx base. lowered on coilovers. dc headers. cold air intake. new fuel rail. chipped ecu (came like that). HID kit. and a greddy exhaust system. now, i have only had this car for like 2 months and ive gotten three tickets...
  6. Lighting RSX
    Just wondering if any of you guys are running 8k HID's with OEM housing and been pulled over and ticketed? I ask this because I just installed the 8k and its seems way to bright. It lights up the whole freeway and im sure its a bitch to look at when im behind someone... Anything I can do...
  7. North East
    It's for a Criminal Justice course and will only take a minute or two. Please PM me asap.
  8. North East
    coming back home from a hookah lounge last night in my moms car a blue toyota camry and pulled me for speeding right when i cant afford tickets. Anybody know a good lawyer that really does help in long island NY have 2 tickets now pending and cant get points this time around.
  9. Canada East this is good i think, if our cars get stolen and we report it quick may be the thief will get spotted and booked
  10. General RSX Discussion
    I was driving home late saturday night and stopped at a sobriety checkpoint. I had nothing to drink, so he had nothing to bust me on, until he asks me about my tinted windows. long story short he gives me a ticket for too much tint. i've had the car for over 2 1/2 years with no problems...
  11. Hybrid & Swaps EP3
    Hey guys. I have an 02 ep3. Some of you guys prolly seen my suspension thread and kind of got to know a bit about my car. Right now Im doing a 5 lug swap and while I was at the junkyard, I came across a rear-end wrecked tsx. The shop was selling the swap (Automatic though...) so I was really...
  12. Videos EP3 they got skillz:thumbsup:
  13. General RSX Discussion
    Well I was cruising with my friends, and a cop starts following me and eventually pulls me over in a residential area. He walks up too the car and asks me what mods I have on the car and I tell him I have "I/E/H". He then tells me to turn off the engine and when I turn off the engine he hears...
1-15 of 59 Results