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  1. progress coils: set up correctly?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    For those of you that have personal experience with progress coilovers: I checked a bunch of threads but none answered specifically - I have installed the coils, but yet to torque everything and lower the car back down. The rear setup has no tension on the spring, and it just moves around...
  2. Signature not showing up correctly

    Community Help
    So I changed my signature a while back and it shows my old signature when I post. However when I go into my profile it shows my new signature and not my old one. Something I'm missing?
  3. Front bumper tab isn't fitting on correctly, help!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Why won't both of my side tabs go in place? I keep trying to place the tab on top of the bracket but also under the white plastic peace that helps the screw fit in. It's really hard to put it in, but even when I forced it in the front bumper and fender didn't line up correctly. Am I putting it...
  4. 2 camber bolts installed correctly?

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I got an alignment and the most they could get was -1.5. Are these bolts installed correctly? This picture is on the passenger side looking from the front towards the rear of the car.
  5. Rpms and redlining with a swapped engine.

    Engine Building & Design
    Hey guys. I have an 03 rsx S but the engine is swapped from a k20a2 with a k24a2 from a tsx. They're both vtec and they both seem to kick in at around 6000 rpms. However my gauge says I redline at 8000, since the engine is swapped, would I still redline at 8000?
  6. 03 SSM build thread! (3M carbon fiber vinyl interior!)

    Member Show-Off EP3
    tried making a thread a couple days ago but didnt realize i had no posts so i dont think it went through. but anyway... HI. just picked up my ep3 about 4 days ago. the reason being that my EM1 was stolen outve my driveway -_- its tough on these NY streets. but over here (and everywhere it...
  7. idle dips when going into neutral, then rises back to normal at a stop

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    for some reason my idle dips very low when i put the car into neutral when coming to a stop, but then it goes back up to about 850 which is normal for me my iacv is clean, just cleaned it yesterday and spun it freely sometimes it dips so much that the car shuts off and i gotta restart it while...
  8. Hood latch issue? Hood is not closing correctly

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    As you can see from the picture the hood looks to be not closed all the way. No idea how this happened, noticed it a while back but havent had time till now to post this. Thinking it could be a hood latch, is this a common problem? any other ideas? thanks in advance :pimp
  9. Gas gauge not reading correctly?! Anyone else with this problem?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So my gas gauge most of the time reads my gas different from what it actually is. An example would be I start the day driving at half tank. Going down bit by bit the farther I drive which is normal BUT when I park it and come back to it later, it would read MUCH lower than what it SHOULD be...
  10. Greddy Turbo Kit- not boosting correctly.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    hey, i have a greddy turbo kit on my rsx. promblem is, the boost stays at .4- .5 bars (says the greddy boost gauge) which is (.4 bars= 5.8 lbs & .5 = 7.25 lbs). i turned the boost up, turned it down, stays the same. thought it was the boost controller so i bought another one today. plugged it...
  11. computer wont start up correctly when connected to the internet?

    Computer Tech
    My computer wont start up correctly, it would slow down tremendously and load my desktop within a minute. When ever i click an application, the application either freezes or doesn't respond. This all happened in one night, also noticed my anti virus program is not active. I could have caught...
  12. Si Shift knob not lining up correctly

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just got a Si shift knob and when I twist it on it wont line up correctly and its starting to annoy me. When I tighten it all the way its facing my passenger seat. In order to line it straight I have to loosen it but it starts to twist while I drive. Any solutions guys? :(
  13. WHO has it and WHO has it correctly installed?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Alright, Im lookin to buy the Kiddracing RH, and the other thread is just getting too long and annoying.. For the people that have this header, does the hardware fit right? Did you need to buy a new spring bolt set? How is this shit fitting together?:dontknow:
  14. Are my hids aimed correctly?

    Lighting RSX
    I just got some 6k hids and want to know if these are aimed correct. The red is where the light is really bright, the strongest, and in the blue area when I'm driving there is a noticeable shadow thats inbetween light on each side. Is this normal or should I adjust it? Thanks, and I also...
  15. Windows XP Not Reading HD Space Correctly

    Computer Tech
    OK help me out guys. I used to know how to fix this problem, but being that i just had surgery yesterday to remove a hernia, it seems like i lost some knowledge. Ok the computer is a Dell Deminsion 4550. I installed a 160 and 250 gig hard drives. I flashed the bios to the latest version. In the...
  16. BOV is not working correctly

    Turbo RSX
    I have a rev hard kit running on a basemap right now, and the BOV im using is a greddy type rs. After doing a couple hard pulls the other day, I started not to hear it, and dont know whats going on. I took it off to check it out, and everything seemed to be fine, and also checked for a vaccum...
  17. Did I do the Bose amp bypass correctly? PIC.

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Alright, so today I hooked up my AVIC D3 unit, Subwoofers and a separate speaker amp. I know that I needed to bypass the stock BOSE amp, and I am just curious if I did it right. Checked some threads but I could not find anything with pics of an install with separate subs and a separate amp...
  18. New motor, Vtec not engaging correctly

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I spun a rod bearing and just replaced the motor the other day. I got the car back, but it seems to be really lacking in power up top. At 6K when Vtec should be engaging it seems like it starts to, but then not much really happens and it is a dog up to 8K. I have a CAI from my last motor and...
  19. FF doesn't format certain pages correctly

    Computer Tech
    Some sites that I've been going to for years now seem to be all fucked up when I use FF. The text doesn't line up with the images and shit like that. IE7 shows them just fine. Certain examples are and Anybody else having this problem?:dontknow: BTW, I'm using FF...
  20. How Do I Correctly Install Cusco B Pillar Bars

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Hey guys, I just got the B PILLAR BARS and I just want the installation process to go smooth. I would greatly appreciate the write-up and of course, rep will be given. :thumbsup: also, how long should this installation take? thanks guys! and yes, i searched and yes i looked at all 5 pages...