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  1. MN (or whatever)*CHAT* One lonely Miata keeping the Racehouse crew active into 2019

    Mid West
    I'd almost put money on this thread never reaching 75 pages. Kevink121 750 MITeggy17 308 jamesl85 178 korney 126 DC5nv 123 ashinsky 120 Sage0021 104 sinzdc5 64 Ransom 52 Dad 24 RuizDC5 16 k1icker 3 EDU 2 Silverlifematters 1 Fuccboi 1 overlap king 1 Aforementioned...
  2. Newest Base Crew Member

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey everyone. I FINALLY got my 06 RSX yesterday. However, it’s a base. And not just that, it’s auto. BUT, before you grill me, it only had 73,863 miles on it AND was kept at a dealership that sells only exotic cars. So it was a steal for me. New paint job, aftermarket radio with backup camera...
  3. new Dc5 crew member

    New Member Introduction RSX
    hey everyone whatsup, recently picked up my first manual car an 06 type s(silver), its great, cant wait to build and beat... thanks for all the tips and support. follow me on ig bigfern_19:chuck:
  4. MN *CHAT* Spring is here, Randy and Jimmy are ready to dominate the WORLD!!!

    Mid West
    Kevink121 603 Ransom 298 jamesl85 297 DC5nv 158 MITeggy17 143 korney 120 sinzdc5 104 Sage0021 68 ashinsky 27 marko16 15 Dad 9 saysana13b 9 itskien 3 ohyeahitskham 1 Fuccboi 1 RSXGUY01 1 Andy. 1
  5. Supercharged *CHAT* CXV - The S/C crew resurrection

    Supercharging RSX
    New chat gents... Post up! Leaving BWI to MCO :weeeeeeeeee:
  6. MN *CHAT* We do it big, MN Crew Represent for all Y'all, come F wit us

    Mid West
    bruh Posts MITeggy17 446 Ransom 426 Sage0021 339 jamesl85 254 Kevink121 102 sinzdc5 84 itskien 59 DC5nv 50 korney 45 Fuccboi 11 EDU 7 KrazyKarl 2 neursx 2 Corona951 1 Show Thread & Close Window
  7. Official Bodybuilding Chat #7: Gimp Crew - Forever Injured

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    for my spanish speaking lifters. :D
  8. Quebecer, broke student crew #146

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Name : Charles 20yo Bought the RSX about a year and half ago, i've put 25,000 km on it. I've had love/hate relationship with this car since the very beginning. I've always been fond of integras especially those with the JDM front end. I shopped for some and I regret not picking up one of them...
  9. Joey's 2003 ABP Type-s -ClubRSX is dead but I'm still going!!!

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Check out my Photography!_IG:JoeyJazmines Youtube Videos Of the RSX!_My Youtube As some of you probably know/not know, I had a 2003 SSM RSX 5 speed base for 3.5 years. Was tired of how slow it was so here was a little upgrade. Old Progression...
  10. The OHIO *CHAT* - Gettin' girls hot with the minivan... yoon = new thread whore

    Mid West
    I've got nothing for a clever title so you guys figure one out and i'll edit lol Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,854 User Name Posts yoon 348 FurY 333 InitialDougie 179 theporschephile 165 AzianK 103 Chris411 82 DC5nv 72 JBamin 70 fightthisfight 60 TheHills44060 50 rileyra 45 Extra...
  11. Texas crew

    The Octagon
    So I've soon come to realize in the yr that I have been a member on here that shit talking is the specialty here thrown in with some talking about cars and buying used shit from other members, well hey I've been threathed all the time but why when they see me do they just keep driving not even...
  12. The crew

    Video Games
    Mmo racer.... I'm interested
  13. *Official BodyBuilding Crew v6.0* Forever Injured

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
  14. Base crew: 2002

    Member Show-Off RSX
    My k20a3 base 5 speed manual transmission , got her about 5 months, this when i first started building her, completely stock inside and out
  15. Stolen car help me find socal rsx crew

    Southern Cali
    STOLEN 2004 ACURA RSX TYPE S rims: works vs-tx 18x9.5 05 front end conversion LICENSE PLATE NUMBER: 6NBW519 color: black if seen please contact the police or Peter Nguyen 714 261 7764. Last seen in Garden Grove on Garden Grove and Magnolia. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD They just didn't steal just...
  16. New to the Crew :)

    Member Show-Off EP3
    Hi guys. I was just browsing craigslist for fun when I saw this ep3. But of course my gut told me to try to talk him down on the price and the guy was so flexible! Unbelievable consider it's 1 owner and never got into any accidents. are the pics! And I'm very very happy with it :)
  17. LAST SHOOT FOR THE RSX /// SOLD /// No More DC5 CREW /// Dory's Twin

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Now that the car has been Parted out and Sold, I think its the right time to show you guys the final look of the car before she was ripped apart. I like to Thank Gary for Taking the fantastic Shots of the car, nothing to crazy, just a simple shoot to show the detail of the car and the new look...
  18. *chat*joey is 18!! prepare that anoos, base crew wants a piece of that ass

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
  19. *Official BodyBuilding Crew v5.0* bulking season in full effect

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    wut up bitches.