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  1. Cutting lip spoiler

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Can anyone post pictures of how it looks when you cut oem lip spoiler with the type r wing or aspec wing. Been thinking about doing this because I just bought a wing and realized that there was holes when I took off the lip spoiler
  2. cutting hem lip spoiler

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Can anyone post pictures of how it looks when you cut the oem lip spoiler with the type r wing or aspec wing. Been thinking about doing this because I just bought a lip and realized that when I took off the lip spoiler there were holes
  3. Cutting rear bumper with rods?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    So i have an 02-04 and i have yet to see it with a cut rear bumper with a top1 diffuser. I found pictures of and 05-06 cut with a js diffuser but cant seem to find one with an 02-04. Anyone think it would look good like it does with the js diffuser. Pictures of 05-06 Also planning to get a...
  4. Cutting Quarter Panel

    The DIY Garage RSX
    So im going to be installing a rear fender flares i know how to do the front you just cut them but for the rear when you cut the rear quarter panel how do you close it up so it doesnt rust do you just use a seam sealer and automotive foam or do i have to weld it? Im going to be installing...
  5. bose radio sound cutting off

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have searched the forums, and even though others have had this problem, I have yet to find a solution... About a week ago while I had a passenger in my 06 type s the sound on my radio shut off. AM/FM tuned in, CD player worked, but no sound. I looked under the dash and found a popped fuse in...
  6. running lights/ dashboard lights cutting out

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys I have a quite complicated (to me) problem here. I have after market taillights on my car (I believe depo) and the turning signals will not work. THIS ISNT THE MAIN PROBLEM. As of recently the taillights (running lights) have been cutting off. With the running lights cutting out is the...
  7. Cutting out problem NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey club rsx! so not even a year ago I was having troubles with my TPS sensor so I decided to go out and buy a Ktuned TPS sensor based on their durability. So I bolted it on and tuned it threw Kpro (0% when shut 100% when opened) and it still didn't really fix my problem. I NEED HELP...
  8. Power cutting while stopped

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey everyone, this issue is relatively urgent A couple of days ago, while I was stopped i noticed all of the lights in and out of my car started getting dim then would get bright again then dim again (rinse and repeat) and then the power completely shut off for a second and turned back on (car...
  9. Rev cutting on vtec

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Hi guys, well as title said I'm having some problem with me car as it random rev cutting in high rev/ vtec and feels like its got no power. The car drives normal with no issues at all! Btw engine oil always been check. Not sure if it needs another tune, or bad air and fuel or bad ignition. If...
  10. Cutting Aftermarket Lowering Springs???

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Okay i have some tanabe aftermarket springs. Im happy with the ride and the amount lowered in the rear but in the front i would like about a quarter inch lower to take out the gap from the fender and tire. A guy at a shop said just cut half a coil off my springs and it would do the job and my...
  11. Cutting RBC

    Canada West
    Hey guys, I'm looking into getting a RBC mani. Where did you guys get yours modified? Cheers
  12. DIY FOGLIGHTS>> NO Bumper Cutting

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Hey CRSX this is my first DIY write up i wanted to share with people that wants to install Foglights on there 2002-2004 rsx without cutting the bumper to make them fit TOOLS NEEDED 1. Foglight Kit *obviously 2. Exacto Knife 3. Sandpaper 4. Copper Wire *They are strong and dont rust :) Step 1...
  13. A/c cutting in and out

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Yesterday my a/c started acting up. Ill turn it on and itll blow cold air for about 10 seconds then shut off completely for about 30+ seconds the start up again with cold air for 10 seconds again. The a/c will just keep doing this, will not consistently blow the cold air. 03 Type S 189k Any...
  14. front tow hook with cutting the bumper

    The DIY Garage RSX
    so basically i couldnt find the spacers mentioned in spaz thread so i had to cut the bumper i followed all his steps except the spacers... this is on an 06 front end fyi. once the hook is mounted i put the bumper on...
  15. Cutting stock springs or lowering springs?

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I've seen many people cut their stock springs to lower their car, but I the most popular way is lowering springs. I can't afford coilovers. Does cutting the spring work? Or should I just buy springs? I have aftermarket new shocks. Don't know what brand though.
  16. Vtec cutting off

    Turbo RSX
    Can anyone give me some insight on why my vtec pops on my first pull on the dyno and then stop working on my second pull. If i let the car cool down for 10 mins, vtec will engage again. Does this ever happen to anyone, am not even getting a check engine light. This won't let me turn up the boost...
  17. DIY: PasswordJDM tow hooks without cutting bumper

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Ok so I know there are several DIYs for tow hooks but I have had many requests since I put mine up for sale on how I installed my front hook without cutting the bumper. So here is my quick DIY. note: I installed these a long time ago and my car is in a million pieces currently so I can't show...
  18. Turbo *Chat* Cutting and welding power steering lines closed is how it's done.

    Turbo RSX
    Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,851 User Name Posts JUANonJUAN 220 Koreo 150 iBoost 141 prxr88 139 lightbulb 132 MITeggy17 108 monjarassi 87 Jeff122886 80 kgbxgiant 57 AxelTaylor 53 turbo rsx 48 nineteendc5 48 carlos 46 Si Speed 317 45 LimaRSX 42 DC5808 39 OhioRsx04 38 ChinoDC5 33 Xander 31 EncoreDC5...
  19. New to Kpro having issue fuel cutting out Please Help

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I installed my kpro'd ecu today into my 02 type-s and uploaded the stock calibration. i went through and changed things as i saw needed like enabled on-board data logging, disabled immobilizer because i bought the kpro used and need to get it matched at the stealership, and disable secondary 02...
  20. Needing Some Help, 02 TypeS cutting out

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello everyone Ive been doing some searching around and cant seem to find a solution to my problem. Problem is whenever im normal driving, my car starts cutting out, if i give it more than 50% throttle it doesnt, any less than in 1st-3rd gear and it cuts out up until about 3500rpm. Ive checked...