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  1. Damn idle issues

    K-Series Swaps
    I have a 02 RSX type s with a 04 tsx motor and I was told ecu matches motor. My question is the throttle body doesn't match up right with intake. I have replaced tps and everything went great for about 100 miles then iacv cel popped up. Tried cleaning it up myself and that didn't work. I can't...
  2. Base *Chat* - The temperature outside is too damn high!

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Let's see how long this one takes. And Lauren, you made the podium this time! :beerchug: White_02 589 AzianK 428 Lauren 338 CyborgGT 235 itskien 85 RecarosCostTooMuch 41 Dad 30 Type-S-Ralph 26 DC5_Trendy 25 Chase0225 24 TechMillz93 23 iThinkImJoey 4 Koreo 2 nateK20a3 1 piller97 1 Ransom 1...
  3. Damn rotor screws

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    My mechanic was trying to take them out to replace my rotor but dann screws won't budge .. nothing seems to have worked .only option is to drill them out .. Looked around the stores here like autozone and orielly but none seem to carry those screws ..after searching here ..I found that many...
  4. This Damn car

    All Motor RSX
    Got the car already to start up and it fires, but doesn't run. My map sensor reads a constant 11 psi on k manager instead of the -29.5 reading as it Should. Using the b series map sensor off a dc4 wired to the k series harness. The signal wire has a constant 3 volts which is bothering me...
  5. Damn whine

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ive tried looking this up but I can't find anything in detail. I have an 02 type s and it has the bose amp under the seat, and I installed a touch screen radio and the sound works everything works fine and sounds fine, however I have a whine with the engine on, coming through the speakers. It...
  6. DAMN window regulator

    Problems & Solutions EP3
    I need some help, my regulator is no good. I ordered a new one and they sent the wrong part, I looked some more and cant find the right one. I called autozone and they don't carry it. Does anyone know if the rsx regulator is the same? Or where I can get this? I have a 2004 civic si
  7. Damn you Daniel Tosh

    General Discussion EP3
    So I was watching the new episode of Tosh.0 and he is showing a clip on some stupid whistling muffler tips. He starts ripping on people that put money into their cars and he mentions something about a civic and he throws this picture up... I thought it was hilarious
  8. god damn tps voltage

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    i have a skunk2 70 mm throttle body and im on number 5 omni tps what is the voltage i should be settin it at because .45 volts at closed throttle is fine then when u go wide open throttle is read OFL i need to go a little lower in volts what the lowest im able to go without throwing a code
  9. oil level is low! damn

    Canada East
    hey was driving home from work after my commute an noticed a strong smell like a burning. I get home pop my hood an i notice the engine is really hot, i check the oil it was halfway to the 1rst dot from empty. I just had a oil change done 2 weeks ago at a oil change place because i was short...
  10. Damn THIEVES!!!

    General Discussion EP3
    So some mother fucker tried to steal my I-vtec dohc sticker on my quarter panel and pulled off my clear coat. WTF is up with that!! Don't they fucking know that if you take off the sticker, then it's trash! Stupid fucker! Now I gotta paint my quarter panel.
  11. Damn THIEVES!!!

    General Discussion EP3
    So some mother fucker tried to steal my I-vtec dohc sticker on my quarter panel and pulled off my clear coat. WTF is up with that!! Don't they fucking know that if you take off the sticker, then it's trash! Stupid fucker! Now I gotta paint my car again! luckily, my brother has a paint shop. But...
  12. Radio Error Help with entering damn code >=(

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Okay so I just ran in to a common problem with this bose factory radio. I was doing a front end conversion and disconnected my battery so now my radio is locked asking for a radio code. I have my radio code witch I got from the side of my glove compartment. I've researched everywhere for this...
  13. DAMN Kenwood!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Man i just got this S and came with a sweet aftermarket radio but when i unplugged the battery to install the intake after i connected the battery back the damn radio popped up with an "enter security code". Tried calling the used car dealer and he has no record or idea what it might be...
  14. Damn... now i need a sub!!!

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    First post so be kind... I have been a lurker on crsx for a min so i have done a bit of searching. Upgraded my fronts to Phoenix Gold RSD6.5CS running of a SOUNDSTREAM Rubicon RUB2.250 I have a PIONEER DEH-P7300BT headunit... anyway... fronts sound great but it needs some bass. I have two...
  15. damn fog lights!

    General RSX Discussion
    Ok, my fog lights aren't working, not much of an electrical know-how so I can understand that it may be the wiring. After further investigation, I did notice the obvious.1: The fog light switch on the console is lose, like it doesn't fit completely tight. The cruise control and sunroof buttons...
  16. I need a god damn shifter! Asap

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    I broke my buddyclub ss today. need a new shifter mailed out to me asap i cant have the rsx down for too long. 04 rsx type-s - if you got one pm me whoever can get it boxed up and shipped by monday morning gets my money, i dont care what brand, oem whatever, i need one. BTW - word of...
  17. damn near killed me on the way upstairs

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
  18. Summer Build turns to Winter Build turns to... ahh damn. *Turbo CHAT*

    Turbo RSX
    here we go again!
  19. damn my headlights

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey, so i owned a rsx for like 2 days now. And i was wondering, are the lights supposed to be turned on manually. And my lowbeams arnt working, but highbeams and everything else are, is this a fuse problem or lightbulb problem
  20. damn, close call!!

    General RSX Discussion
    I just got off of work and the roads are wet. Normally I could take this turn, wet at 50 mph, which is the on ramp on to the high way. The ramp btw is a long left sweeper. The thing I knew I did wrong is that my turning was wide, I already knew that I was going to slide, i could feel it. And...