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  1. Until Dawn

    Video Games
    I haven't played the game, seen gameplay videos, or anything. But judging by this Honest Trailer, this is a serious What the Fuck kind of game.
  2. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) **OFFICIAL THREAD**

    TV, Music, & Movies
    The time has come. Come November 18, 2011, Team Jacob and Team Edward will be at it again. But they might be teaming up together from the looks of the trailer. Official Trailer Official Trailer #2 I know...
  3. Red Dawn (2010): Oh snap! This time its the Chinese.

    TV, Music, & Movies oh man this should be crazy! :noes::noes::noes::shady::shady::D
  4. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)

    TV, Music, & Movies I really like the Narnia series... Hope the next one will be better. I just found out that the "first" movie was not supposed to be the first. There was still a story about the Wardrobe. Edit: Hmmm looks like the Wardrobe was the first...
  5. Dawn of War 2 Beta

    Video Games
    Who has it? When I get home tonight I'll be on and I need friends to play with. So if you have a live handle and want to play leave your name so I can add you. If you don't know what I'm on about here then oh well.... *pre ordering via steam also allows you into the beta right now* Developer...
  6. anyone seen Rescue Dawn?

    TV, Music, & Movies
    who's seen it and what'd you think?
  7. does a dawn wash work...????

    Car Care RSX
    well after reading on, i found an interesting thread talking about using dawn to strip old products. read this
  8. Dawn soap to wash car...

    Car Care RSX
    I've noticed that alot of you guys like the dawn soap for washing cars but I wasn't sure about one the dawn soap used to remove the wax on the car or just clean it (in other words do you use dawn every time you wash or only when you are putting new wax on the car..if so is Z-1 a car...
  9. road tar and liquid dawn

    Car Care RSX
    Does liquid dawn dishwashing detergent remove road tar? Thanks, Oatmeal
  10. does Dawn soap strip your wax??

    Car Care RSX
    I used it the other day just before waxing so it didnt matter. but i think i remember reading this:dontknow: I liked the lather build; very sudsie. I use armol all car wash soap to wash after waxing. the label on the armor all bottle states it doesnt remove wax when washing - i hope this is...
  11. Dawn Soap

    Car Care RSX
    Just out of curiousity...does it have to be Dawn Liquid Soap OR can I use any brand? Cuz I have Palmolive at home:p Thanx!