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  1. Canada East
    hello. :) cbro 540 tkjode 490 Jasonoff 275 christx 265 ResoKP 129 Frayne182 78 nitram 48 LimaRSX 23 WONG_89 9 AzianK 7 NotoriousEgg 3 BvALoR 3 Tomy 3 Nickcrsx 2 06_typeS 1 Xander 1 Methodnike 1 Ransom 1 Daywick 1 i love christx so can any man come so close to dbro...
  2. Canada East
    this thread is a monument to dbro his legacy of excellence and beauty is something to aspire to :love:
  3. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Anyone got one they are looking to get rid of?
  4. Canada East
    Make sure to wish that diet Rockstar drinking, fish eating, pill popping bastard a Happy Birthday.
  5. Canada East
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DBRO!!!! may your special day be filled with happiness and joy! :beerchug:
1-10 of 14 Results