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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I don't really get this karma.. only driving 5mph over the speed limit and this deer bolts out in front of my car. The hood is crimpled, passenger fender dented in, passenger headlight smashed (just installed these headlights too), miraculously the bumper seems fine and the foglights (testament...
  2. General RSX Discussion
    Today when I was driving to work, a deer decided to try and take out my RSX. The deer came sprinting up a hill and into the road, striking my car on te left side. The deer then flipped up ontop of my roof and hatch and then ran off into the forest. I hate him. My left side mirror is...
  3. DC Metro
    In for the next chapter From last thread: Total Posts: 1,843 User Name Posts frostydc5 454 jmart41791 421 SleekDC5 142 xthumper32x 125 NOTmybfsCAR 120 ferocia 119 rtrott2 117 DC2pusher 94 bboygreddy 80 Koreo 30 juicyjoint316 28 CastorTroy22 20 AzianK 16 pcasupreme...
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    While driving up to NH this weekend I came around a blind corner at night around 50mph to find a dead deer laying in my lane I tried to swerve to avoid it last second but still hit it with the driver side of the car. I pulled over to inspect the car and everything looked okay except my driver...
  5. DC Metro
    so last night, i was driving home from work on a backroad going about40 and a deer jumps out infront of me...... i slam on the breaks but of course it ran into me. so now i have a fucked up passenger fender and trashed headlight. anyone on here work in the parts department of an acura...
  6. Member Show-Off RSX
    NEW PICS PAGE 4 POST 91 Hey everyone I just wanted to show off my 2002 NHBP Base Auto. Also I'm wondering if there is anyone from Chester County,PA on this site. Thanks
  7. General RSX Discussion
    Thread lasted 2 years, here it is if you have time to kill. Post up your new stories.
  8. General Discussion EP3
    so i live in utah right cruising down 201 on my way to work at around 7 this morning im just going with traffic were going about 70mph its a 3 lane freeway and im in the middle lane. everything seemed fine then all of a sudden the person in front of me slams on there breaks and swerves left...
  9. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    so bambi decided to commit suicide by running into my car around 1:30am yesterday morning on 190 in texas just outside of cove i was doing just under 60 at the time. when he hit me he knocked my car sideways and put me on 2 wheels idk how i was able to save my car from flipping over but i did...
  10. North East
    Ok..does any meet here anymore?..its seems more ricers and cops come along now more then anything..DPA used to be pretty good=[
  11. General RSX Discussion
    On my way home tonight from a friends a deer jumped into the side of my car. it hit the front drivers finder mostly a little on the door and a crumple in the hood. The tire looks a little bent inward to. I wasn't going very fast i had slamed on my breaks from going about 40. Ive got full...
  12. The Great State of Georgia
    I was headed home from my brother's house out in Paulding County @ about 0240... BANG! :eek: Here are some pics:
  13. Canada East
    140mph BMW vs a deer, that's the result
1-16 of 32 Results