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  1. Defective Exedy Stage 2 clutch on RSX-S?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just replaced my old clutch with an Exedy Stage 2 on my 05 RSX-s. Everything was installed correctly and aligned. Now the clutch and slipping and 3rd and 5th gear is hard to go into and out of. Could this be a defective pressure plate?
  2. Selling defective parts with and no refunds

    Buyer & Seller Disputes
    SER2149314 did not say anything about defects on a polished rbc manifold said to work perfectly without any problems. Asked for a refund and said he did, but is obviously lying. Currently in dispute/calim issues through paypal.
  3. Defective Type-s

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I got an 05 type-s with stock bose sound system. I just got 6.5" speakers for front and back to upgrade, and guess what? IT DOES NOT FIT!!! Back then I had an 04 base and i installed 6.5 speakers front and back with ease.. Did they change the speaker sizes in the 05 and 06? I did searched and...
  4. Defective ECU ?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    My car has been idling like shit.sometimes it's too low and sometimes it's too high. I cleaned the IACV and it got better. however, after sometime the problem came back ( not as bad as before). Whenever i turn on AC / headlight the needle will bounce to 1300 rpm and stay there.if i turn it off...
  5. I got a defective blower today!!!!!

    Supercharging RSX
    I am so upset right now. I bought a JRSC on Ebay last week. the buyer was very helpful and sent me as many pics as I needed. I felt as if I had no reason to think that I was being scammed. Well, I was wrong. I just took the blower to a JR certified dealer by my house and they said that the SC...
  6. so my struts are defective... WOOT

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    So i went to the dealer this morning causae whenever i go over bumps it sounds like something is loose. Anyhow they ordered me two new front struts they said they had too much play in them. I can't belive they can go bad so quickly, my car is only 2.5 years old and has 20k miles on it...
  7. Internet Vendor Alert!!! Defective Problem/No Help!!!

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Just wanted to alert you guys to a possible problem with a internet vendor. I purchased a set of Halo Projectors from Had them professionally installed...One of the Left Halo's do not work. I spoke to the owner of the company who will not replace due to being over the "7 day...
  8. Defective XenonDepot Kit?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Well, I installed my XenonDepot 4300K H7 kit into my Protege'5 last week, and although all went okay, and it works fine, I suspect that I may have been sold defective merchandise. The harness and ballasts are perfectly fine, however what caught my attention was the bulbs. After much research on...
  9. Defective Mugen Pedals

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I just installed my Mugen pedals and they're defective! The screws don't fit through one of the holes on the metal brace for my clutch pedal...oh least the other hole works. But I don't really feel good about driving with the fear that my clutch pedal might suddenly pop off. It's...