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  1. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    FS: Denso Reman Starter (BNIB Reman, never installed) Asking $150 A spec suspension SOLD
  2. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Brand new Denso Primary O2 Sensor-140ship NGK Secondary O2 Sensor-90 ship NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plugs: 4 Pack-40 ship or 250 ship for all
  3. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Less than 2k on it practically new. 60 shipped plus paypal fee
  4. Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    I have an 02-04 Rsx type s 02 sensor for sale brand new never installed . For 85 firm rear function form type 2 coils and front and rear stock shocks with tein springs not blown 200 obo
  5. The DIY Garage RSX
    (Update 6-22-18) The 2009-2016 Nissan Skyline GTR fuel pump is also drop in with one simple modification. This is going to be a work in progress. I had a return line set up on my car but I was not happy with it and sold the whole setup.I even traded for the stock sending unit. My car is a...
  6. The DIY Garage RSX
    Does anyone know if there is a warranty for denso oxygen sensors specifically the primary on the rsx i bought it a year ago and it already took a shit. Thank you and sorry if in wrong area!
  7. Problems & Solutions EP3
    Hi guys been reading and done my searches on google and on the forums. My car is throwing p1167 and p0171. I already searched what those codes means but this sounds silly. I'm trying to figure out what is the difference between oxygen sensor Denso 234-9004 vs Denso 234-9005? The only difference...
  8. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Whatsup guys im selling my brand new Denso air fuel/02 sensor. This is for my 06 so idk if its compatible with the 02-04 models. This is the primary Upstream one not the secondary! I found out i got the wrong one so i dont need it. Only took it out the box and plastic to check if it was the one...
  9. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    I have a brand new primary oxygen sensor still factory sealed for a 05-06 RSX Type S. IM looking to get $40. You can contact me at 7605410917 pictures can be viewed here
  10. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    This is a brand new sensor that i didnt use, and is still factory sealed as you can see in the pictures, im asking for $70, txt at 7602895021. located in the palm springs area. Sold to Jwinproduction
  11. Lighting RSX
    >> Introducing new Philips HID Bulbs, Putco LED Fog Lights, and Denso Ballasts << Check out these new products now available at KBcarstuff! H11 Philips X-treme Ultinon LED Bulbs Rated at 2400 lumens, sold in pairs. 6000K color temperature. 45% brighter than a factory halogen fog light bulb...
  12. Lighting RSX
    D2S/D2R Denso (Koito) OEM HID Ballast D4S/D4R Denso (Koito) OEM HID Ballast Denso (Koito) OEM HID ballasts are now available for D2S/D2R and D4S/D4R fitments. The OEM part number for the D2S/D2R ballast is DDLT002 and are also commonly referred to as 85967-08010 or 85967-50020. The OEM...
  13. Engine & Transmission RSX
  14. Florida For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  15. The DIY Garage RSX
    There are several brands out there and I was going to buy a primary O2 sensor for $108 ..... the other choices were NTK, Denso and Borg Warner. Which one is the best choice? :confused:
  16. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Like the title suggests, I have a brand new Denso OEM O2 Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 for sale. $140 !
  17. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Hello CRSX, I have for sale a Denso OEM Oxygen sensor for the Type S. I am looking for a sale in Toronto or the GTA as a pick up item. The price will be $130 for meet up! This is the primary bank 1 sensor 1
  18. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Hello CRSX, I am looking to sell a brand new in box OEM oxygen sensor by Denso for $130 picked up in Toronto or the GTA! PM me!
1-18 of 142 Results