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  1. DC Metro
    Hey DC Metro, I recently purchased a 2011 Honda Fit (poor RSX was totalled back in August 2012) and there are a few things that need addressing on it. Its still under 30k mile warrenty and I took it to Bill Page Honda in Falls Church, VA but since there have been "modifications" done to the...
  2. General RSX Discussion
    My dealership service department dont open on saturdays!! I work Mon-Fri 8-5 and I dont have time to bring it up to the dealership to get service done or problems taking care of. So i have to take it to the honda dealership to get my stuff done. Acura knows alot of customers are complaining why...
  3. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    Last night when I was at the track I found something out the hard way: when getting ready to stage, do NOT put your car close to a muscle car heating up his slicks. I made it to the finals and won, which meant that my two last races came right after the domestics semis and finals. Each time the...
  4. Supercharging RSX
    I was talking to them just for shi*t to see what they would say about me only hitting 5 lbs. I told them my modifications and they off the back told me it was b/c I didn't have a cat and running a 3 inch exhaust. Well they kept telling how to spin the blower there needed to be some...
  5. Exterior Mods RSX
    :firemad: I noticed that my glove department is loose on right side and have no idea on how to fix it. It sticks out like a 1/4 of an inch or so. Someone please help, everyday looking at it drives me fucking nuts. :firemad: Thanks
1-5 of 7 Results