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  1. DC Metro
    Anyone have any promo codes or know how to get discount tickets to busch gardens williamsburg or kings dominion? The best I can find is $46 for a single day ticket right here... Can anyone beat that? Looking to go on a saturday for their...
  2. DC Metro
    We were talking about setting this up during the BBQ. Who would be interested? I'm thinking about going this saturday. Let's see if we can generate enough interest.
  3. DC Metro
    Decided to go to kings dominion with some friends and just throwing it out there for anyone else that wants to go. Not trying to compete with the six flags trip kings dominion is just closer :)
  4. DC Metro
    Hey I just got off the phone with the Kings Dominion group sales. If we have 15 people or more it's $33.95 a ticket instead of the $54 or so I believe. Anyone?? If you are down, please pay pal me or meet up and give some cash so I can order all the tickets to assure we get the deal. As for it...
1-4 of 4 Results