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  1. Member Show-Off RSX
    Mayday Garage. Moon Tower-Inn Houston (downtown) DSC06803 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC06800 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC06801 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC06802 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC06804 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC06805 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC06806 by...
  2. Canada West
    For all you who might be interested in learning more about Canadian downtown revitalization, here is your chance. On Saturday, October 5th Edmonton's NextGen, Progress Unlimited, MADE and our hardworking NextGen PKN volunteers present one of the largest and...
  3. Member Show-Off EP3
    sup guys names Kyle im 19 years old and this is my 03 civic si. me and my buddy with his 06 coupe went out tonight and took a few pics let me know what you think. mod list: Type r lip kit h&r lowering springs DC catback aem cai mugen CF wing Mugen CF grille skunk2 shift nob 04-05 style...
  4. Canada East
    sup fellas i'll be in town tomorrow and i'll be renting a car for a couple of days. my fiancee lives in a high rise downtown and i just wanted some advice/tips on street parking. i have the option of paying $20/day for underground parking at her complex. however, i thought i'd ask you guys...
  5. Member Show-Off RSX
    My Car Ralph Type S's Car the rest of the album is at...
  6. Canada East
    Looking to go there this weekend. Can anyone suggest the best location to stay at? I want to be in the central part of downtown but not sure exactly where that is. If someone could let me know what intersection has the most places to go to within walking distance I'd appreciate the help. thanks!
  7. Member Show-Off RSX
    The other night we had a crsx photoshoot at downtown LA. Enjoy the pictures, taken by Simon(Notquiteright)
  8. Member Show-Off RSX
    MOAR PICS ON PAGE 3 All the pics from the downtown shoot we had the other night. not just of the stig shitty pictures BRO NOTE: my tripod is messed up, hence why all the pictures are slightly angled and not perfectly straight
  9. Member Show-Off RSX
  10. Member Show-Off RSX
    Hey ClubRSX, Had a good friend of mine snap some shots of the very latest on my car...(Thanks JON!) Finally got my suspension finished for now, contemplating if I want to get Chargespeed Bottom Line side skirts and possibly a more aggressive rear diffuser. Let me know what you guys think...
  11. Member Show-Off RSX
    me and my friends decided to do a photoshoot yesterday here are the photos enjoy! purple steelies:D [ just for fun lol
  12. Florida
    :( i wasn't paying attention and i went over the parking cement thing and my bumper is like almost off! i have no tools since they are in my VA home :'(. Can someone help me out tomorrow :(
  13. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Spectacular Penthouse Suite At Harbour View Estates In Cityplace with Floor To 10 Ft High Ceilings, Wrap Around Windows, Oversized Balcony with direct view into the Rogers Centre & Amazing Unobstructed Cityscape Views. With An Owner Who Pays Attention To Detail, You'll Find Upgraded Finishes...
  14. Canada East
    Hey all, I rarely photoshoot in Downtown area @ night w/ cars so I would like to hear some suggestions from you guys. I saw some incredible pictures from couple members before and wonder where those locations are. If you can give me the spot (location) along w/ "where to park my car" to capture...
  15. Canada East
    Are there any places downtown that has wings like All-Stars in RHill/Markham? (Been to Duff's already)
  16. Member Show-Off RSX
    Here are a couple of shots from my girl Jess. She has amazing talent!! Tell me what you think!! :weeeeeeeeee: Trying a rig shot, with no rig ;)
  17. Canada East
    Anyone recommend good korean restaurants/bars/clubs???
1-17 of 37 Results