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  1. Dreaded RPM related heat issue

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    The newer car I don't much about won't stay warm. By squeezing the hoses you can tell the out put heater hose is much cooler than the input. I can turn it to cold and it gets even colder as it's a whopping high of 22f today. I'm thinking the higher rpm must push enough through. I'll do a...
  2. The dreaded sound k20z1

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    before the sound begun, I had a misfire , so I took the valve cover off to check lashing. I didn't have the proper tools to actually turn the motor over so, yes like a dumbass, I would slightly crank the motor over with a bump to the ignition. The lashing was tight , I didn't adjust the lashing...
  3. Dreaded P0341 code Cam sensor

    Problems & Solutions EP3
    So i replaced both cam sensor and im still getting p0341. Timing chain stretched? What about crank sensor? Your help is much appreciated. Car is 2002 with 227xxxkms (canadian eh!) not sure if previous owner already changed timing chain. Thanks in advance fam!
  4. Another dreaded TPS Question - Code P0122

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    2002 Acura RSX base Replaced the TPS over the weekend but could not get a good read to calibrate. Everywhere I have looked it says to place the multimeter on the red and black wires but there does not seem to be a black wire. Somewhere else I saw they just put the post on a ground somewhere...
  5. Advice on the dreaded second gear pop out

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I've recently gained some funds and wanted to start tackling this 2nd gear problem which has been haunting me for months. I changed my mtf with honda genuine mtf. Shifting is smoother although 2nd still pops out when im taking a left turn. Problem occurs mainly when I take a left turn but also...
  6. The dreaded p1259 again...hear me out

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys I know there is a ton of threads on this code...and I have ready many of them..Mainly the issue is the dirty screen in the vtec solenoid or faulty oil pressure switch.....well I have had this problem for quite a while..I have cleaned the screen, but before I go out and buy a new oil...
  7. dreaded Ebay parts??

    Exterior Mods RSX
    as im struggling to pay my rent, i cant fight the urge to spend money on my car. this leads to cheap parts, usually knock- offs. my question- are the carbon fiber spoon replica mirrors on ebay any good as far as fitment and looks, and being able to actually look in the mirror without it looking...
  8. The dreaded P0341.....

    All Motor RSX
    Well did my cam install yesterday and now I have the ever dreaded phase gap error code. I know all of you are going to say the timing is off but I would like to first offer you some reasons why I think the timing is right. 1. We made 2 extra marks on the crank to make sure the crank was at TDC...
  9. dreaded rotors

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I have hawk hp pads on my stock rotors.. which i think are warped now because when the brakes are pressed, i heard grinding noise/vibration throught my brake pedals :noes: I want cheap efficient rotors example brembo blanks but i think they only make rears for our cars... anyways not looking...
  10. Ok im about to do the dreaded engine cleaning today PICS and step by step inside

    Car Care RSX
    im gonna post before and after pics id figure id read around for 2 weeks before i go spraying water on my engine i have wire brushes, bristle brushes purple power armor all and rags. ill do before during and after pics here shortly im due to start in about one hour
  11. Another dreaded A/F question

    All Motor RSX
    I’m a boob, I mean noob to the K series motors. I’ve been an import racing enthusiast ever since 95 with a 5th gen 4door civic with a GSR swap. My car was stolen in 2001 and I have been away from the scene every since, until 6 months ago. That’s when the need for speed bug bit me again and I...
  12. Prevention of the dreaded swirls

    Car Care RSX
    Swirl marks........we all hate them but how can i prevent them from appearing on my car. Are they preventable? cuz i took total car of my 98 CL and it still has swirls marks. I compared it to my RSX-S now and I am totally ashamed and disappointed with my care of the CL. Help me out b4 its too...