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  1. Motorcycles
    Roketa Dual Sport Motorcycle Will not ship, must pick up in Shelby, NC. I made a thread about this bike awhile ago...trying to sell it, so if you know anyone that might want it around the Carolina area.
  2. Motorcycles
    As you probably noticed from my photos, the tires on this Chinese bike suck. I rode to work this morning on it and traveling on the wet roads I was scared. I didn't even lean the bike on these bicycle tires. I haven't ridden it on dry roads yet even because of the weather. But, I still want...
  3. Motorcycles I went ahead and ordered a dual-sport bike today for myself as a Christmas present. I got the 200cc Roketa DB-07A. It is cheap, so I figured for what I am going to use it for, why not. I am planning on taking this to Korea with me, instead on the R6...
1-3 of 3 Results