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  1. New Member Introduction RSX
    Sup guys! Names Josh, joined up because I'm looking for a CLEAN Type S. Currently own a 93 Hatch, B16a 5554 PTE setup 350hp stock block and a AP1 supercharged 475 stock block Bout to sell the hatch, and wanted to find a CLEAN rsx, and I have a few RSX buddies said club RSX is the place to...
  2. New Member Introduction RSX
    What's up I was wondering on some advice on my rsx. I have a 04 base model. So any advice would be helpful
  3. North East
    I can be reached by text please pm. :(
  4. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi Club RSX members, you can call me Leaf. I just bought an 2002 RSX Type S yesterday and im excited because its one of the cars ive always wanted. I hope you guys can welcome me warmly and help me with RSX problems along the way. :fistbump:
  5. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey everyone! I recently traded in my slow corolla for a 02 Rsx type s. I got an ok deal, car only has 80k and i got it for $7k (not bad). The tranny felt a little notchy at first but i replaced the fluid with the new honda green label and so far all is well (might try Amsoil later). The...
  6. Southern Cali
    LOL, I know there are a decent amount of you guys that go to UCI. Has anyone ever seen this tool before?
  7. Wheels & Tires
    Hey guys. I am a dad, and I don't have as much dough to pump into my car as when I was younger. I found this ad in my local CL: I am wondering if these will fit. In addition to the ad, here is what he told me: Pic is a 1998 Accord V6...
  8. Northern Cali
  9. Buyer & Seller Disputes
    so. this dude on crsx opened a paypal dispute with me over some speakers i was selling. april 7: we agreed on price. april 8: he asked if he could send me a deposit to hold the speakers until the 16th. i agree, expecting the money sent right away. i told him i would accept that, but that the...
  10. General Discussion EP3
    Hey guys! Im new to the forum, so I figure I'll just drop by and say whats up. :wavey:
  11. Florida
    yo i forgot ya forum name so im posting this up so ya can add me... peace
  12. Auto Talk
  13. Auto Talk
    I got a good laugh at the thread title..and then i died when i started looking at the pics...hahaha enjoy..
1-13 of 27 Results