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  1. Really dumb clutch question

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    i recently took bought a xtd(ebay) stage 2 clutch from a guy that's supposedly for the rsx type s. i'm weary if it is a type s clutch kit however. it bolted on just fine without problems but my really dumb question is this. how can i be SURE this is a type s clutch? on ebay there are some links...
  2. Maybe a dumb IAC question - rotating part?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    :confused:Hi there - I'm an old gaffer and not really that much up on the new technology, nor a master mechanic - at all! But I am trying to help my struggling student son to get his car on the road for school. The patient is a 2003 rsx s series. It has the typical (I am led to believe) idle...
  3. dumb suspension question but need help!!!

    Suspension & Brakes EP3
    so just bought and 03 ep3 my first one tires were crap so bought some 17in rims to later find out that they were staggered which suxs so put some 205/45/17 on front and 235/40/17 on back now i need some suspension i see everyone says to buy a-specs this is my DD and drive my daughter in the car...
  4. Call me dumb because I

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Decided to take on my first brake job ever and replace the rotors and pads all around. Well the car has been on jack stands for a few days in the garage haha. Upon removing all the caliper brackets, i am not able to tell which bracket goes on the driver or passenger side of the car. :hi: The...
  5. May be a dumb question. Bare with me.

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    If I buy coil overs, will that replace the shocks and struts? Where are these located (obviously near the wheel, but like the exact spot. IE: Like the shocks hold the springs) I know a jist of what they do. But never really got an answer that I understood. Sorry for the noob question haha. If...
  6. The official Missouri *CHAT*Gregs Clothes are tacky and we all hate him

    Mid West
    Thiz thread is bull shit. I didnt want salmon. I said it 4 times
  7. Dumb question..

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I let my sis borrow my rsx yesterday (i know, i know....whatta hell was i thinkin!!) The gas tank was low, so she filled it full. But she used 87. I only use premium, i've been told to only use premium 91. Is this something i should worry about? Should i go empty out the gas tank immediately ...
  8. Dumb question "lowering"

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    so please dont call me a noob if this question comes off a little stupid. But would civic lowering springs work on a rsx?
  9. quick dumb question...?

    Interior Mods RSX
    so i have been thinking about getting a 4 point for my car. however i use my back seat alot.. so should i just walk away from the idea? because i know that i either need a roll cage or a bar or it bolts into the back of the passenger seats. so i guess is there any way to put it in and still...
  10. Got hit by a dumb c^nt

    General RSX Discussion
    dumb b!tch jumpd the yellow line and hit my ass. extreme amounts of anger in my veins right now.....
  11. Really Dumb RIM Question

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I'm not all that mechanically inclined however I am curious if you can use 01 TL Rims on a 03 RSX. Hopefully there will be an answer haha thank you in advance. Well there are specific ones I'm after also: and OR...
  12. DUMB LOW PRICES: Random Interior pieces, NOTHING OVER $10

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    I don't have any space to store these any longer and I need them gone asap. Located in San Mateo and willing to meet anyone nearby within reason. Gotta get 'em gone! Carpet $10 SOLD to RamenPoweredDC5 Steering wheel $10 Rear hatch interior panel $10 Lower ECU cover (goes under glove box) $5...
  13. Dumb question- Greddy Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter Removal???

    Turbo RSX
    Whats up guys, I recently bought a car with one of these filter adapters on and I've never messed with them before. How does one go about removing them? I've searched online for instructions but to no avail. Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:
  14. SOme dumb old lady hit me today, do you think it's totaled?

    General RSX Discussion
    Some old ass lady hit me today, waiting for the police report... god damn it. Do you guys think it's totaled? It had a rebuilt title when i bought it.
  15. Is this dumb?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    So I got a base rsx. I dont wanna race it, i just wanna lower it, put some HID's and some type s rims. its an 06... Would it be dumb to put the Acura type S emblemon the back...I mean, its not like im gonna race it, i just want it to look nice. oh and where would i find some type s or...
  16. new to rims, dumb question maybe?

    Wheels & Tires
    I just got new tires today on my base rsx. I still have the stock rims which if im not mistake are 16x6.5. The tires i got today are 205/55/16. Im looking at buying some new rims, that are 16x7. Will the tires i just bought today fit on those even though the rims a half inch wider?
  17. hood problem. dumb problem.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ive searched for this problem but cant seem to find it. Basically my hood doesnt seem to latch as my other friend's rsx-s. when i shut the hood theys is still about a quarter to half an inch to where i can push it down and it springs back up. its not a safety issue because it stays latched...
  18. what do you guys think. this may be a dumb idea idk

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    ok so im thinking of boosting my car and i wanna go with a 70m exhaust, but i also want to keep it fairly quite. any i was searching only and found out that greddy has a 70mm spectrum elite single exhaust for the s2k. i love the spectrum elite and was wondering by any chance could i get it to...
  19. dumb question but i am lost

    All Motor RSX
    okay people are sayin somthin about vtc 50 degree what is that sorry for the dumb queestion ?
  20. Dumb question...block heater

    General RSX Discussion
    Sorry that I have a pretty stupid question...I recently bought a 2003 RSX-S, and I never thought of asking the seller if it has a block heater. How do I figure out if it has one or not? I looked around the engine bay yesterday looking for an electrical plug but could not find one. So how do I...