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  1. Another One Bites The Dust

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Check Out What Happened On The First Day Of My Vacation. 400 Miles From Engine Was Flashing So I Took It To The Nearest Acura Dealer. First They Told Me It Was A Bent Valve. It Didnt Have Compression In Clyinder #2, And They Looked In The Cylinder With A Bore Scope And There Was No...
  2. Dust is Frustrating

    Car Care RSX
    Okay everytime I clean my car I always wake up to see my car covered with dust is this normal or what its pissing me off everday I have to wipe the dust off which is annoying does this happen to you guys or what.:crying: :deadhorse
  3. Removing Brake Dust BETWEEN washings.....

    Car Care RSX
    I just got Axiss Ultimates installed a couple of weeks ago. (Great brakes, but from the way they dust, I would think that they will last about 3 more weeks.) They dust a LOT! I want to safely remove the dust from my rims without scratching the clear coat. My rims are alloy, with some painted...
  4. how to clean dust inside headlights

    Car Care RSX
    i was wondering by using CANNED compressed air and spraying in some air, would that be ok to clean the dust inside the headlight housing? i dont wanna take out the entire housing just to get some dust out...
  5. *Another one bites the dust*

    Turbo RSX
    Well fellas hate to break it to ya...but I blew my motor yesterday in Florance,SC on the way to a RSX meet in Columbia,SC. I was with about 4 other RSX's on the way down there to the meet. We were messing around on the freeway pulling ahead and whatnot, getting good pics of the cars and all...
  6. Does wiping off dust on car give scratches??

    Car Care RSX
    exaxtly as the title says... i park in a basement and its dust infested. just wondering if you use a microfiber cloth and wipe the dust off.... will it leave swirl marks or scratches of any kind? if it does... how do i take take off the dust without scratching the car? thanks guys! :spin:
  7. Pads with least amount of dust

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    which pads do u guys think leaves the least amount of dust??? and please let me know if they are for the s or base... Thanks D
  8. Another one bites the dust

    Supercharging RSX
    Cliff notes: I broke my PS hose like a few other have while at the track. Soooo, I was at the track yesterday trying to break outta the 15's (N/A) and into the 13's. I learned a few things: 1. 18's = low trap speed and heavy 2. Traction in 1st gear is a joke 3. This new clutch grabs like a...
  9. Embedded Brake Dust on Stock Rims

    Car Care RSX
    So, after a hard winter, I went to wash my rims only to find that the brake dust from the Axxis Ultimates' (or whatever they are) had caked and hardened on my rims. Now I use an All Purpose Cleaner that is pretty heavy duty to clean my tires and rims. When I say heavy duty, I mean you aren't...
  10. Another 02 sensor Bites the dust

    Turbo RSX
    alright then so my 02 now says im running 13.5 air fuels...right.. thats another bad wideband, this one was brand spanking new 230 bucks and it lasted me a whole 2months i only used 100 octane unleaded at most not sure why it went bad im saying fuck it and imma run my plx wideband and trust...
  11. Removing Dust,dirt,grime,dog hair from cracks!

    Car Care RSX
    OMG i use to HATE doing this. u have a dog or just plaing dirt in ur shift boot area on in little cracks like between air vents or radio buttons! U cant even vaccum the crap out! I found the best way about amonth ago. just got get a 99cent paint brush soft bristle. u can dust but i use a vaccum...
  12. Baja 1000 (Dust to Glory)

    Auto X & Road Racing
    hello i'm the "racingwalker" (aka tiffster) I'm new here, so i want to say hello to everyone=) i got a some news on a freakin crazy awesome new documentary about racing coming out tomorrow in theaters called "Dust to Glory". it's limited to LA and NY, but if it does well, we all can get a...
  13. Another one bites the dust!

    Turbo RSX
    My brand new turbo died on me today :( . I've had this turbo for less than a couple months. It is a Turbonetics ball bearing 62-1/.63 ar. Seems to be the seals are completely gone. The shaft does not wiggle around and it still spins like it where new. But it is caked with oil. There was...
  14. Another RSX bites the dust.....

    Exterior Mods RSX
    was driving down a bypass last night when an object blew in front of me, the road i was on was notorious for deer getting hit, so that's what i thought it was. I swerved to miss the object(which turned out to be a large trash bag) and when I did my back tire hit a pothole causing the back end...
  15. too much dust!

    Car Care RSX
    i use meguairs gold class wax on my car but it attracks too much dust....does anyone kno about a product that will help repel the dust and not have a reaction with the wax? :driving:
  16. Lip #2 Bites the Dust

    Exterior Mods RSX
    As in the title, my cwest replica kit has now joined the ranks of my seibon type-r lip. I was doing a little spirited driving on a street im on pretty much everyday. I was in a little bit of a drift when i spazzed and slammed the brakes, locking up all of the wheels. It happened so fast i didnt...
  17. SilverStars : Another One Bites The Dust

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I had read a few good things about Sylvania Silverstars, so I gave them a try, and sure enough, they looked pretty good. Bright and white compared to a normal halogen. Obviously not on par with any HIDs. I was pretty happy, but about a week after I installed mine, multiple "Silverstar sucks"...
  18. Damn Dust and other problems....

    Car Care RSX
    Its unaavoidable.....I wash, wax......and then dust. The car seems to attract it..... its horrible. I use Zymol wax/polish and microfiber cloths which I think are ruined since they are no longer lint-free. Anyways thats my first problem. The second, I use Rain-X on my windows, and after a day...
  19. How To Minimize Dust?!?

    Car Care RSX
    i was just wondering why does our car attract so much dust. is there any way to prevent this? maybe the zaino z6 spray? i don't want to always use the california duster everytime i go to my car for the first time in the day. i also notice that everytime i touch up my car with meguiar's quick...
  20. cleaned my dust and pollen filter!!

    Car Care RSX
    It has been one year since I purchased my car. This is the amount of dust and crap collected.