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  1. Poll: Which brake pads are best? Considering dust, stopping power, etc.

    Wheels & Tires
    I myself use EBC Greenstuff brake pads, which perform quite well, but leave a little bit more dust than I'd like to see. Here are all of the types of pads for the RSX which I am aware of: Vote away based on stopping power, appearance, dust, price, and quality! Az
  2. ZAINO ... Dust remover...

    Car Care RSX
    Question about Zaino Z1... Should I always reapply Z1 after each wash... or is it just for the initial wash or after using the clay bar? Also, just saw a post on a California dust remover... is there a site to get that... my car like gets dusty in a couple of dayss... Thanks all...
  3. Dust removal

    Car Care RSX
    So I am up last night watching TV when the infomerical for that Static Cling California Duster comes on, and I saw to myself do I really need that? Having the Arctic Blue, every little thing can be seen on the car ie moist finger prints, swirl marks, pollen nd dust. I just bought a car cover...
  4. What to do about Brake Dust especially on Type S

    Car Care RSX
    Anyone notice how after a day or two of hard driving your wheels are covered in brake dust? I guess that's why they made the Type S' wheels gunmetal insted of silver (at least here in Canada) it makes sense that the bigger brakes on the S kick up more dust. I just found a great solution, after...
  5. rsx a dust magnet????

    Car Care RSX
    ok..i've washed and wax my rsx....using eagle one wet....couple days later...dust starts to gather all around the car....(enough so you can see it)...anyone have this problem? how do you prevent from dust from gathering? i use a very soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the car now and then but it...