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  1. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Selling my Elemental Designs 12" 13ov.2 sub $80obo Sub still sounds great
  2. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    - MTX 9500 12" DVC Subwoofer In MTX Ported Enclosure ( Retail Price $674.95 Without Enclosure) - I Have Ran This For 2 Months. It's To Much Fucking Bass! - I Just Bought A New Car And Would Rather Spend It On Performance - Contact me at 518-258-5933 (text perfered) - NO LOWBALLERS WELCOMED...
  3. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Looking for anyone that might have compared to the two of these subs. I have had a few different sets of the Punch Power DVC over the years, but am curious if 1 13Av.2 would be comparable and/or "better" than 2 12" Rockford. Both would take basically the same size box (Vented Enclosure option...
  4. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Check my craigslist for details. Lemme know. :thumbsup: It's OBO, so lemme see what you guys got. May be interested in trading for a head unit plus cash.
  5. Part Outs RSX
    I have just received a 2006 RSX Type S complete roll over from insurance. Parts left from chassis. Complete engine and transmission, Make offer 60K miles complete front and rear seats, Make offer Black Complete front door panels black leather make offer shifter cables 05-06 style $200 shifter...
  6. Northern Cali
    Just wonderin who out there goes to DVC... either campus Just sayin what up
1-6 of 6 Results