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  1. North East
    Guess who's back in town? Where: TGI Fridays - Piscataway NJ When: June 11th @ 11am Who: You and your RSX or other car Discuss your caravan, convoy, armada plans here. Rules: no burn outs, racing, etc. cops here will burn your car to the ground and throw you behind bars without clubrsx forum...
  2. Member Show-Off RSX
    After being down for 6 months, first official meet car attended to, met new faces and caught up with many old ones. Over all great turnout and was a packed one.. My coverage
  3. West Coast EP3
    We need to have an EP meet soon... Anyone down to meet and get some pizza and beer or something?
  4. Southern Cali
    well fellas a few friends and i planned out another Cruise to San Diego on the 16 (Saturday) before winter weather officially kicks in.. Members from the 626 are meeting up at 11am then driving to Moreno valley to meet up with a few other members.. then drive to temecula to pick up a few more...
  5. Member Show-Off RSX
    Had a blast hanging out there....
  6. Mid West
    Place: Lake Elmo Time: Depending on weather/temperature I'd say 11:00 meeting time. I planned on bringing some ground beef for burgers. Figure everyone brings something and we can have a hell of a lunch. I will post a map of the meeting location a little later today. If you plan on coming out...
  7. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    We need to feed Steve before he breaks apart like a Kit Kat bar :rotfl:
  8. North East
    I felt like writing this due to my excitement. I have 54 days left in this god awfull place. I dont care if you dont care! I AM DONE! Army is out and I am about to be a civilian again. 6 years down the drain, learned alot. Learned I hate being shot at and that I hate being blown up but...
  9. Mid West
    In on one. Finally first one since I joined Here are the people with all the time in the world. Sage0021 352 korney 231 JW_RSX 205 TyFoxx0608 185 KrazyKarl 131 AsianBob 128 mike_dags86 76 Dez_Nutz 69 vang004 67 ThemNutz 57 ihazvtak 55 uncochu 33 djtydus 27 ohyeahitskham 22...
  10. Canada West
    Garret is back in town! Sushi Town meet? 8:00pm? :thumbsup: 5935 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5B1R7 Tel: (604) 294-6155 1) PK 2) Kin 3)(maybe) omega_cc 4) WRSeXy 5) Sexy Diggy 6) Pre-meet at Kenz @ 6:30pm
  11. Northern Cali
    Setting up a meet and eat for ANYONE who wants to go, RSX or not. The more the merrier. Tell your friends! :) OFFICIAL DATE AND TIME: DATE: Friday Dec. 10, 2010 TIME: 8:00pm PLACE: Kokoro Sushi in Pleasanton Just called and made the reservation. See you there at 8! :D
  12. Problems & Solutions RSX
    i just installed engine damper. yes like everybody told me the vibration at idel... i hate it. and my muffler sounds louder er er. i noticed after aem v2 installed. now its worse. but good thing. no wheel hop. and gas pedal more sensetive. shifting gets smoother. now question is anybody out...
1-14 of 54 Results