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  1. Effects of (+) Caster on Toe In, Todd's V2 Camber Caster Plates and stock Tie Rods

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I just installed a set of Koni's with Todd's V2 Caster Camber plates. I have the Camber set to minimum, and the ride height is at about 14" hub to fender. There's so much toe in that the car is basically undriveable. Has anyone used this setup before with stock Tie Rods? I can't use...
  2. Gas mileage effects of Bolt Ons??

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hey just curious how the combination of bigger injectors, RBC and Cams will affect the gas mileage of the k20a2 in the type s? anybody have first hand experience? does it help or hurt? Compared to a type s with just intake header and exhaust? I will have I/H/E/IM/DIC/kPRO
  3. FS/FT: K-Tuned Hall Effects billet TPS sensor

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    I have two K-Tuned Hall Effects billet TPS sensors which are brand new. I didn't realize they wouldn't fit with the jrsc bypass valve being in the way. $120 shipped each Trade for new oem iacv or K-Tuned billet tps (lower profile), mini decklid...:dontknow:
  4. Water/methonal effects?

    Supercharger EP3
    Planning to up the boost to 9-10psi from 5psi and was looking at water/methanol injection. Are there any negative long term effects of using it? How many people are running around with 8-9psi with the 3.8" pulley with no cooling? I've read that it will eat away the JRSC rotor coating and also...
  5. Effects of car wash on wing

    Car Care RSX
    I've been wondering about this for a while. I want to know if there are any effects on my type-r wing. I really dont care about the paint since its not in the greatest condition. I will be painting the car in a while. I've been hand washing the car since i got it. But since it got a bad layer of...
  6. Hatch Removal Effects

    Auto X & Road Racing
    I've got a big autocross face off to win on Sunday, a raw time battle. I'm going up against a H22 swapped civic that weighs in at just about 2000lbs. Because of this, I'm trying to come to the table as light as possible. I've got everything out of the interior that I'm willing to put the time...
  7. close plz

    Wheels & Tires
  8. Effects of stalling

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi all, so I recently purchased an 03 RSX Type S (yesterday), and it is my first manual transmission car. I've had a couple practice runs in my friends' cars with manual transmission, but you can say that I have minimal knowledge of the art and I'm very bad at it. I'm practicing on this car...
  9. Long Term Motor Mount Effects

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Mornin' everyone, On my search for an aftermarket setup of mounts, it does seem like the Hardracing setup will be best for me. No mods, but do enjoy the ocassional "drive the hell out of it" and would love to get rid of the wheel hop. Two Questions: 1. Has anyone noticed any adverse effects...
  10. FS NJ : Special Effects Lenses Halloween eye contact lense

    Everything Else
    Wassup fellas, got some Special Effects Lenses Halloween eye contact lense for sale. They have NO prescription. They expire 08/2014 . I'm selling them for $40 for a pair picked up / $8 USPS flat rate shipping anywhere in 48 states RED BANSHEE ( 2 PAIRS LEFT ) GREEN BANSHEE ( 3 PAIRS LEFT...
  11. Weather effects on tune

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I live in Texas and the weather can go from 100º to 50º over night. How much does weather effect the tune? The car has just basic bolt ons; race header, cai, and exhaust.
  12. Reflash on stock car, any negative effects?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I'm really considering the reflash for my stock 5 speed. Even though the reflash is made for a CAI, according to Hondata gains we're still made with a stock car with the reflash, although not as optimal as with CAI, but still gains. I'm just wondering now if this would have any negative effects...
  13. Effects of Wheel Angles

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    here is a basic look at how the main 3 wheel angles affect a cars characteristics, there are others if anybody wants to add to this. toe in causes a condition where each wheel individually attempts to align itself straight forward. as each wheel aligns itself straight, the opposite wheel assumes...
  14. Question about weight reduction effects

    General RSX Discussion
    If I were to remove between 100 and 120 lbs from my 06 type S, what kind of speed increase would I see 0-60, 1/4 mile? How about gas mileage assuming I drive the same way? Just looking for your best guesses. Thanks.
  15. what are the effects of too much preload on coilovers?

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    just wondering how ride quality would change, any answers are greatly appreciated
  16. Dent in B-pipe... any neg. effects?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So yea... i dropped my stock b-pipe... and theres a dent on the pipe part. Will that do anything to effect how the car runs or performance? Let me know, thanks.
  17. Hondata Reflash's Long-term Effects?

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Since the reflash is now available for the 06, it has gotten my attention. Are there any possible negative effects of this reflash, over a long period of time, such as 100,000 miles? Will any of the sensors be effected and such? Also, will simple error check and or a more complex diagnostic test...
  18. Interesting effects of the IAT on 'knock'

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Have a look at the following three datalogs I took while driving home on the highway from a friend’s house yesterday. The first datalog was about 3 minutes after leaving… The car had just warmed up, but the engine bay had not. IATs are climbing from the high 60s to low 70s, but what I find most...
  19. C West Ground Effects

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I like the c west ground effects kit on this site.... Whats your opionion of the kit... was just wondering if anyone has done business with the company?... the price of the lip kit is pretty cheap all together and it gaurentees OEM fitment for the 02 year... the fitment should be exaclty the...
  20. long term negative effects of aftermarket suspension

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    are there any negative long term effects from aftermarket suspension(asuming the parts are all quality parts) setups; ie:springs(1.5"drop), shocks, front & rear sways...not just on RSX's, but cars in general. ive heard that aftermarket suspensions have a tendancy to fail long before oem parts...