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  1. Not Receiving Email Notifications When Someone Posts On My Thread

    Community Help
    Posted a new topic the other day. Did not receive any email notification that someone replied. But when I looked at my topic, someone had replied. After I posted a response, that person posted a new reply. Again, no email notification. Checked User CP and I'm subscribed to the thread with...
  2. kseriesparts dodging my email.

    Buyer & Seller Disputes
    I was in the market for some civic si floor mats, i used the Price Match option offered. Once i submitted my price match request, i was emailed with their offer within an hour. Less than 2 hours and a couple emails later i had placed my order. They did not send me the floor...
  3. Email Notifications

    Community Help
    Anyone else having issues getting email notifications? For some reason I am not getting any.
  4. information I got from Acura/Honda regarding 2013 RSX (not fake real email)...

    Auto Talk
    Hi, just a *heads up* regarding 2013 Acura RSX (sedan) this is email conversation I had recently since the Buick is coming out with 2013 Verano Turbo which is cheap and with bad economy and my terrible experience with repainting/painting Japanese cars I had to poke around... Re: FW: Feedback...
  5. Modem/Router and email issues

    Computer Tech
    I was wondering if anyone had any input if my modem/router would be stopping outlook from sending out emails. I can receive emails fine, but sending them out doesnt happen. I know it should have something to do with this because when i was on an wifi network at a hotel i could send emails with...
  6. Beware of fake Paypal Email!!

    General RSX Discussion
    Im a prettty smart cookie but i fell for this one. There is a fake paypal email going around saying that your account has been compromised by a 3rd party. It looks VERY offical. They ask you to click the link at the bottom of the page to their website and ask you to log in and verify your...
  7. just ordred but no email...

    ECU Tuning RSX
    just ordered kpro about an hour ago and i still haven't gotten an email with my paperwork... did i miss an info field on the order page where i would put in an mail or does it just the email from your clubrsx account and just takes a while to go through...
  8. FS: Starcraft 2 Beta Key email invite

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    I have two of these available. Asking price $80/ea
  9. FS: Starcraft 2 Beta Key email invite

    Video Games & Consoles
    all sold
  10. Anyone know how to log onto email from home using CAC reader?

    I can't seem to figure it out, I have all the certificates downloaded and I have microsoft outlook on my computer..Thanks in advance.
  11. E-mail notifications

    Community Help
    Not sure if the problem is just respective to me or not, but as of like 2 days ago I'm not recieving any notifications from your Webserver and I haven't made any changes to my account settings. Some help would be cool, thanks.
  12. About the oils... I got this email... from inlinefour

    General RSX Discussion
    I got this on email. Even though I guess there is no free lunch, the guy is trying to advertise his stuff. However, part of the stuff he mention seems damn right... Following is watch he said on his email. Let's see what's right, what's not.... Motor Oils, Are They All The Same?? The Final...
  13. How do I stop Email traffic from here.

    Community Help
    I looked in my CP and I couldn't find out how to make stop sending me emails every time somebody post something in a topic I have posted in. I know there is some way to do it, but I can't figure out how to turn the auto email response off.
  14. WTB 05-06 Fog lights. Email me with pics and prices...

    Part Outs RSX
    Looking to buy 05-06 fog lamps. need everything from casing to wiring. Yellow are preferred but clear will work to.
  15. Typing Longest Email, Session Timed out... gone? About to throw macbook...

    Computer Tech
    bradleyland or anyone with the equivalent mac intelligence... so I was typing out a super long email (to ricks mom) and my session timed and it closed my window for me (how nice of them to do that and erase my typing). So can I retrieve/recover it from somewhere? Or is there no hope and I'm...
  16. Job interview. Thank you email

    The Lounge
    I had a job interview today for a job that I really wanna land. I have ever written a thank you letter, or sent out a thank you email before. The way the job market is right now im doing everything in my power to secure this job. Anybody got a good web site or ideas for a good thank you...
  17. How to stop email forwarding in Outlook?

    Computer Tech
    I've tried googling the issue and nothing I've found works.. it's Windows XP on my old laptop I don't even use anymore.. But I turned on email forwarding when my Outlook used to freeze all the time, and now I am gettin tons of double emails on my blackberry and it's fuckin annoying.. Can't...
  18. Problem with Verizon email on Mac "Mail"

    Computer Tech
    I did something earlier that I can't seem to reverse, I don't know how I did it in the first place though, lol. So I had my email setup to the "Mail" client on macs. A Verizon subfolder used to be between Inbox and Sent under mailboxes, Now I can't figure out how to get it back...
  19. I got this e-mail, did my dad buy me a storm?

    Computer Tech
    i woke up today, first thing i do is check my BB that is right next to me for messages. i had one that said: Your BlackBerry Storm Order is Being Processed as the subject line. this is what it looks like...
  20. E-mail from Navy

    So I got this e-mail from the Navy saying they will pay for my dental school 100% with 20K signing bonus, and around 2K a month for living. Dental school is going to cost my dad about 100K, a bit less if I go to India and do it. But damn, Navy made me think about enlisting just for that. Only...