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  1. Engine error code P0219 Engine over- speed condition

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I’ve had my rsx type s for about 4 months now. Love this car as my daily, also purchased some tein flex z coilovers for her to lower ride height and performance wise abilities, but for some reason ive always had an issue with what seems to be too much wheel spin at the launch from a dig. Even...
  2. 2002 Acura RSX engine misfire!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys I’ve had an on going problem with multiple engine misfires, this misfire mainly happens when I’m at a still idle, although recently the cel light is flashing and the engine becomes sluggish from time to time, cylinder 2 and 4 are the cylinders misfiring. This is what I’ve done to the...
  3. Power steering leak above engine

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have a base 06 rsx I started to notice my power steering making yawing sound I added power steering fluid thinking it would fix the problem I did not over fill the car seemed better for a little bit until I started to keep hearing the yawing sound when I turn the wheel I didn’t think to much...
  4. Whistling Noise From Right Side of Engine

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi guys, I have a slight issue with my 2004 automatic RSX. I am not a hard driver and this car is my daily driver. It is currently at around 136k KM on the odometer. 1. The whistling noise is around the right side of the engine. 2. The sound is worse during humid, wet rainy days and...
  5. Looking for a Engine swap shops in Charlotte, NC

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Hey guys. I been out of the game for a minute since my engine blew. Anyways I am looking for a reputable shop in the Charlotte NC area to do my swap. I originally had it done at KMod Performance (was a straight swap). Was recommended to go to RLZ Engineering but don't see much review on the...
  6. Code: P0336 and Idle High after new built engine

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Alright folks here's the run down, i previously built a K20z1/k24a4 it drove for about 3k for the piston rings blew... (i may have been a little rough on the break in and have learned my lesson) I've now rebuilt the motor once again and she is perfect, but now she is spitting out the Code...
  7. Acura rsx base auto engine and transmission swap

    Forum Threads
    I own a 2004 acura rsx premium (base), automatic, and the body is clean and mint condition. I have 200k km and winter is only begining but after winter i know my engine will be at its time, so im planning on swapping it for JDM HONDA, ACURA RSX K20A TYPE-R DC5 ENGINE, MT 6 SPEED LSD...
  8. Runaway engine issue

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I recently rebuilt the engine on my 05 type s. I have about 400miles on the rebuild without an issue. Parked the car for a couple weeks to do control arm bushings and an inner tie rod. I took it out for a test drive today and as I was pulling out onto a street I gave it maybe 25-40% throttle...
  9. Engine Parts for sale k24/k20

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Complete k20 prb head with valve train $475 k20a2 block no oil pan $450 Weather tech visors, small chip on the corner doesnt not affect how they mount and not visible when mounted $50 rbb intake manifold with throttle body and sensors $80 k24 oil pump $80 k24 power steering pump $45...
  10. New Engine harness / Megan Racing CAT delete

    Part Outs RSX
    hey guys I sold my DC5, have these things sitting around and want them gone. send me a reasonable offer. RSX Harness (NEW NEVER INSTALLED) -- $250 obo buyer pays shipping Megan Racing Down pipe ---$50 obo buyer pays shipping
  11. RSX Engine Swap - What is Compatible?

    Forum Threads
    I am curious what other years of RSX's are compatible to a 2002 Acura RSX - (2.0L) - Manual Transmission - 8 is the 8th digit in the VIN# Thanks!!
  12. Assessing engine health of a non starting motor

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey all, This may be in the totally wrong section but I want sure which would be the best fit. I happen to have a access to a 2002 RSX-S and am trying to determine whether or not it would be suitable as a donor for an engine swap. To make a long story short: My work owns the car, I have...
  13. Check Engine Light codes

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    My 2003 RSX type S was scanned to read the engine codes and shows: P1457 EVAP System Leak detected(Canister Area) P1298 Electrical Load Detector Circuit Input High p1457 EVAP System Leak Detected (Canister Area) Says the most likely solution is to replace the EVAP by-pass solenoid valve. Is...
  14. Check Engine Light

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    All right so i recently got a check engine light either when i started driving today or after a light pull, which is when i noticed it and pulled over to check everything. Everything seemed fine so i drove back home to search more on it. My oil was recently changed and seems to be slightly over...
  15. K20a vs. B18 type r vs b18 gsr vs h22 engine swap!!!!?

    K-Series Swaps
    if you have a $6000 budget for the engine then its the 195bhp JDM B18C (integra type-r ) all the way, although the k20a would be good aswell -- but will require more work, the b18 is relitavlely easy into 6th gen civics. the H22 arent as good and 2.2L will drink more feul, not to mention the...
  16. Engine Air Filter Question

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Hi guys, How often do you guys change your engine air filter? My RSX is not tuned, just a daily driver. I just changed it about 2 years ago and am thinking it is time for another change. I understand some may say follow the manual, but I was thinking of maybe doing it more often to keep dust...
  17. Engine Internals | Time To Make That Engine New Again

    K Series Parts
    K Series Parts We offer pistons, rods, camshafts, headgaskets, oil pump kits and hardware that is needed to make some real power out of your K-Series Engine. CAMSHAFTS VALVES...
  18. RSX Engine Lean Mount Kit

    Turbo RSX
    Hi all, Is there anyone attempt to make engine lean mount for RSX like those available for EG/EK? I like the idea of creating acres of space for turbo drag setup on RSX rather than go with the traditional sidewinder turbo manifold.
  19. FS: K20A2 Engine Harnesses

    Engine & Transmission RSX
  20. WTB K24a2 Engine Assembly or Block

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Looking to buy the k24a2 block or whole engine assembly. Located in TN Can pay shipping also.