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  1. Flash actionscript experts, need coding help!

    Computer Tech
    Im looking to for my flash video to start at a random keyframe everytime the video is loaded. I have about 20 layers with images transitioning into each other. ex: The file: Anyone have any...
  2. Any experts with tax laws relating to sales of stocks?

    Everything Else
    I just got my composite 1099 statement from my trading company and it seems like I have to report only my sales of stocks. I sold 3 stocks in 2008 for a total of $5,477.85. But I bought those 3 stocks at a total cost of $5,088.42. So, my investment gain was really only $389.43. (I flipped 3...
  3. Experts Please...2nd gear grind and 'notchy' shifting/gearbox

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    OK so my stock clutch blew, after 40k miles of dig racing and abuse. I was victim of the infamous 2nd gear grind prior to this, but only like 1/15 shifts, if that. Not bad...first off I am not a ricer and I know how to drive the car. I am embarrased to post a thread, but I am stumped, so before...
  4. DC5 brembo experts, come in pls

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    i've got a euro CTR which got the same brakes as the US DC5. a while back i bought a buddy club race headers with EM civic front anti roll bar. now i'm putting some JDM DC5 brembo brakes, i've got everything for the convertion except the roll bar... just wondering if the EM civic ARB would...
  5. Experienced Electrical Experts Please Help.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Need my parking lights replaced ( tiny bulbs that go in the yellowish tinted piece in between the high and low beam) and i get no power to the little socket...and no power to the connector on the end of the wire. Fuses are fine....wth?
  6. CF Experts tune in please?

    Exterior Mods RSX please throw some opinions out thanks
  7. CF Experts tune in please?

    Canada East
    so I just unpacked the Seibon Mugen Style CF hood, got it on and installed. This is my first ever purchase of the cf pattern / materials. So I was wondering if this is a defect in the cf on my hood or if this is a normal thing with these hoods. Thanks for any light shed on my question...
  8. Genesis Coupe PS experts please

    Auto Talk
    I would love to see a PS of a Genesis Coupe with Axis Penta's or Axis Shine. I love the Axis wheels on a G35 but i want to see some wide lip wheels please.
  9. flash experts! i need your help

    Computer Tech
    i need this game rotated 90 degrees to the left. its a .swf game that i want to work on my LG voyager. person who can get this done or show me the easiest way how i'll ship you a free clubrsx license plate frame.
  10. My K20 makes no power, not even the experts know what to do anymore.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Okay, let me start this off by warning you guys that this post is going to be long and full of many run on sentences. Last night was to be a defining moment in my K20 life. After a long and up hill battle I had thought I would overcome my power issues. Those that have been following my...
  11. Threw 4 codes after a hard bump... experts got a clue why?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    put on your thinking caps! Codes: 17-1 P0500 VSS Malfunction 20-2 P1298 ELD Circuit High Voltage 57-1 P0340 CMP Sensor No Signal 65-2 P0141 Secondary 02 Circuit Heater Circuit Malfunction What caused them: I pulled onto a road that had a large enough shoulder to make a huge...
  12. seeking for Suspension experts advice...camber - toe - caster

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Im going to get an alignment done next week. Installing my coilovers tomorrow with camber kit, the BC N+ to be exact which has front camber adjustment. What would be decent alignment settings for spirited driving + tracking... -2.0 front camber and -1.0 rear camber?? What about TOE / CASTER...
  13. Ok, calling out you tire experts ^^

    Wheels & Tires
    ronts: 17x7.0 +47off - tires that came were 215/40/17 rear: 17x8.0 +47off - tires that came were 225/45/17 Im thinking of putting 225/45/17 tires for the fronts, but still dont know what size would be my best bet for the rears. I'm sure the guy who made "tire size thread part II" will say...
  14. hey tire experts

    Wheels & Tires
    06 auto w/ stock 16" wheels and crappy Michelin tires. I've read in other threads that tires are hecka important and should be the first mod. I don't race or track or whatever... just a daily driver. southern california... virtually no rain, so looking at a summer tire. I'm considerring...
  15. any cpu experts in here??

    General RSX Discussion
    ive been away from living with my gf for a month or so. And now were moving back in together. Since the seperation ive been viewing some naughty sites lol. How can i delete everthing that ive been. Or what can i do??
  16. Quick question for you lighting experts..

    Lighting RSX
    I have always been into the headlights, and lighting. If done right, it accentuates the car very well. My goal is to have headlights that I guess has halos in them? The blueish rings like on BMWS but I also want the bright blueish tint headlight. What is everything I need? Also, if I decided...
  17. quick question experts

    Exterior Mods RSX
    tomorrow morning I will be putting on my newly painted rear A on my car, and I am just still a bit worried about taking the current A off. CAN I take it off from inside the hatch, and come from it from behind? or just.. remove glue on the top of it.. and pull? Also.. putting the new one on...
  18. For the Spring experts

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Ive heard that it's better to get coilovers over springs, because springs have a reputation of braking in a few years or something..... My question is how do they brake?... Is it beacuse of driving to hard?... What if u get them and u never, not once, push the car in turns... will they ever...
  19. i need some help from all the suspension experts

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Ok for starters i am riding on mugen sports suspension and i have had it for over a year now. A few months back when i swapped the suspension from my 02 to 05 i noticed the 05 began to feal really bumpy and unstable. I later found out that some how my car came from the factory with loose sub...
  20. all you brake experts... rotor advice needed

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    after 59K miles... of which 15K have been with the axxis ultimate pads... my stock rotors have taken quite a beating. the front rotors have a 2.5mm lip on them because of how much the rotors have been worn down. i spoke to a brake technician yesterday... and he said that by making 3-4 passes...