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  1. Engine & Transmission RSX
    brand new je pistons in box pn# 252606 ordered for a customer who flaked out we are now selling them 87mm bore F20C compression: 9.0:1 F22C compression: 9.6:1 550$
  2. Canada East
    Here it is in 720p Turn your speakers up.
  3. Turbo RSX
    Hello, F20C pistons are forged, not the K20A2 Stock K20A2 piston : 328.7g Stock F20C piston : 354.4g JE 9:1 K20A2 piston : 315.5g F20C rods are forged too, not the K20A2 Stock S2000 Rod : 627,5g Stock K20A2 Rod : 523,7g Crower K20A2 Rod : 554.5g Piston Axle K20A2: 80,5g Piston Axle JE...
  4. Turbo RSX
    I'm trying to decide between N/A, SC or Turbo. Given that our cars are high rpm, i-vtec & four cylinder why is it that most F20C or H22 owners supercharge their engines? Is there a benefit for supercharging over turboing these engines? The F20C is very similar to the K20A, so why are more K20A...
  5. All Motor RSX
    I spotted a comment made by a member in Japan suggesting that they (Japanese ITR's & owners) are trying out F20C pistons in the K20's. Now I know the F20C has a bigger bore etc etc etc, but does anyone have any more info on this? This is a pretty interesting subject IMO, so any help and info is...
  6. All Motor RSX
    Ok. So I ain't no F#$*in newbie, but I pretty much don't know much about the DC5 and the k20. I know that DC5's reach peak horsepower @ 7400 rpm or something like that and reach peak torque late as well. DC5's would highly benefit from high performance cams etc.... (import tuner status)... but...
1-6 of 6 Results