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  1. General RSX Discussion
    Join us on Facebook and get community news and updates in your Facebook feed. See posts from around the forum you may have missed and keep up with your favourite community. Like us on Facebook!
  2. Canada East Join to stay away from trolls here
  3. Texas
    Add the group I just created. Rsx Dc5 Dallas area Thanks guys
  4. Northern Cali
    JOIN MY NEW GROUP ON FACEBOOK!!! :stfu: :bsflag::drink::rotfl::weeeeeeeeee: HANG OUT, CHILL, CHAT, SHOWOFF OR SELL/TRADE PARTS!!! :vtec:
  5. Florida
    Anybody looking for used K series parts, or body parts for RSX, EP3 or Civic Si 06+ related can join the: FLORIDA K SALES group on Facebook. Post up your stuff for sale or trade. Good way to connect with other K owners in the state.
  6. DC Metro I think it makes most sense to use both the forum and facebook to communicate. Kevin (kevinG) started this up last night to host pics; however let's be honest everyone checks their facebook probably a whole lot more than dc metro. I...
  7. General Discussion ILX
  8. Southern Cali
    hey everyone just wanted to see how many people have car town and if you dont then u should join. :thumbsup:
1-8 of 41 Results