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  1. window stuck, falls out of track, and now cocked.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    my driver's window got frozen into the track, and when i attempted to lower it the window stuck (briefly) and the mechanism inside the door that holds the window detached from the window and moved to the lowered position. When the window finally thawed and broke free, it fell and is now cocked...
  2. 03 rsx type-s falls on its face at WOT

    Turbo RSX
    Hey Guys, thanks in advanced for your help! background 03 type s 3076r turbo 1000 cc injectors Hondata 4 bar map hondata boost controler running Kpro So here is whats happening. Car pulls perfectly until about 6k at WOT and then falls on its face. It stays at 0 throttle until I fully bring...
  3. rear tailgate shelf falls out

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok...had Hondas and Acuras for years and picked up a nice 05 RSX...the trim that fills in from hatch to rear seats will not clip in and I have not found the proper item on the parts pages to fix it...any suggestions for a DIY or what clips I need to use? Thanks...
  4. RFP1 SBC Niagara falls

    Wheels & Tires RSX
  5. motor falls on face when it hits i-vtech

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    alright guys i searched around and didn't find anything about this. here is my issue hopefully someone can help. first off my 03 type s is basically stock besides intake, and cat back on the engine side. my issue: when i hit i-vtec every other time my motor falls flat on it face. total power...
  6. Niagara falls, canada - dc5 first show off thread!

    Member Show-Off RSX
    So i have finally decided to post a show off thread on here only because im bored out of my mind. It started as a 2002 SSM Premium model which i sold not long after i bought it and bought a 2002 NHBP Type S. Colour swapped it (mild colour swap) and converted to full 06. So far no egnine work...
  7. Hondas With Heart v3.0 - August 25,2012 Sioux Falls, SD

    Mid West
    Hey what's up guys. now i know for many of you this is gonna be too far of a distance to travel, but for some it's fairly close. it's not a huge meet but it has been getting bigger and it's for a great cause. here is just a little background about this meet and the guys that put it on. Mission...
  8. 06 rsx base poor throttle response (or hesitation) car falls on face

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have an 06 rsx base that has roughly 59,000 miles on it and is a 5 speed. The car is stock and runs great but I noticed that if I punch it there is a severe throttle hesitation. It feels like electronic throttle delay or another way to describe it is that it feel like a leaking clutch master...
  9. rider falls off his bike... funny

    Hi guys hope you will like this video :) Unlucky rider falls off his bike and rolls over the tarmac during Qatar Road Racing which took place on Loseil international Circuit. Rider fall off his bike العاب سيارات اجدد العاب السيارات
  10. Hatch Falls Back Down in Cold Weather

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey all, Just wanted to see if anyone else had this problem. Forgive me if it has already been solved but I didn't see any =] Anyways, when the weather here gets below -10 degrees celcius, my hatch tends to fall back down :S I don't know if it's because of the hatch springs or what but it's...
  11. Minnesota - Rock Falls Raceway - Sept 18

    Mid West
    A few of us are planning on going to Rock Falls Raceway on September 18th for the Sport Compact Drag Races. *** new meet and departure times *** Date/Time: September 18th at 730a Meeting location...
  12. Niagra Falls

    Canada East
    Going to Niagra Falls sometime in August and was wondering if any of you guys had any tips, recommendations, things to avoid, as far as hotels, places to visit, and so on :o first time going so any input is welcomed. We will be staying on the Canada side of the Falls :thumbsup:
  13. **Niagara Falls Cruise Sun July 4th**

    Canada East
    Pre-meet is at Sq 1 in front of Zellers by the bus terminal that JDM Rides meets usually are @ 6PM. Head out @ 6:30PM Cruise destination / parking is @ Niagara Fallsview Casino Parking Lot Top Floor. Then we hit up food @ Boston Pizza or Casino Buffet, Play some games and watch the fire works...
  14. Going to Niagara Falls

    Auto Talk
    Have no idea where to put this... So I'm going to take a trip to Niagara Falls in early December. I will be driving from Tennessee. My question is what should I do for transportation here are my options: 1)My S2000 (Kinda of scared since it's RWD and I don't have snow tires :noes:) 2)Family's...
  15. McGill falls under Quidditch's spell

    Canada East
  16. Falls Church Auto Show and Cruise Saturday May 9th 2009

    DC Metro
    PRE-MEET AT TYSONS TOP AMC AT 9AM.. leave for school at 9:30AM Falls Church High School Auto Tech present the Falls Church Auto Show. This is the 5th year running and is a great time to come hang out and bring the family. All makes and models are welcome, there will be show classes for anything...
  17. Bad Boys Ballin' @ Niagara Falls (56K Don't Waste Your Bandwidth~!!!)

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Bad Boys Ballin' @ Niagara Falls (56K Don't Waste Your Bandwidth~!!!) UPDATE P.4 &5 This is a sad week for Bad Boy Andy because he is going to part out his car. Before the car get strip, we would like to take some pictures for his/our memory. Bad boy #1 Dave (phoms) hook us up for hotel (super...
  18. Oct 19th Rock Falls Raceway Mn Peeps

    Mid West
    Its the last sport compact event for the year. Lets get a good group of rsx out there. Price are 40 to run and 10 to watch. We will be meeting up in st. paul @ SA gas station on 94 and whitebear St. around 6:30am
  19. car thief falls to death

    Northern Cali yesterday, little late to post but lol
  20. 2nd Annual Great Falls Meet & BBQ | June 28, 2008

    DC Metro
    The Great Falls Meet & BBQ is an annual car meet & BBQ held at the Great Falls National Park in Northern Virginia right across the Maryland border. This meet is open to ALL cars. There will be a raffle currently made possible by the following sponsors: Online Mazda Parts Next Mod Mazda3Mods...