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  1. Turbo RSX Thought it was a type-s but it turns out, its a 100% stock a3. Now I want mine to be up there from 300whp!
  2. Auto Talk
    To read all of this story, What is the Fastest Car in the World? please visit
  3. Member Show-Off RSX
    140MPH FLYBY VIDEO! Follow me on IG for more updates: MkElite Owned the car for about 6 years. This RSX was my first car. I thought at one point maybe I should do something different, so I got paddle shifters from a lexus is350. But then I was like...what...
  4. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    As far as I know, no one has gone 12s in a RSX chassis all motor in street trim, ie not using slicks. I realize plenty have gone 12s using a slick already but I don't think any have done it on a Drag Radial, and this was the goal for the car. Wanted to get a Stock block, all motor RSX into the...
  5. All Motor RSX
    Well not sure if this is a repost, but here's a great vid of a k24/20 all motor RSX.
  6. Nitrous Oxide RSX
    guys looking too see who has the fastest dc5 all motor + nitrous in the world any info is appreciated mine did 11.94 @ 198km last weekend i want to see were i stand
  7. Canada East
    Here's an in car video of our RSX Time Attacking during the CSCS Finale :) 1:15.4 at TMP (Cayuga) - 2nd in UFWD. hope you enjoy!
  8. General Discussion EP3
    What size wheel/tires most significantly enhance drivability and feel, to aid in control of the vehicle, in order to achieve higher cornering speeds? In this thread, people with experience driving on the limit can share information regarding wheel/tires sizes and combinations. DC5 drivers...
  9. Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    call me or text me if you interested in any of these parts 281-745-4012 stock silver k20 valve cover $50 trunk panels $10 tan inside door handle $5 Rack and pinon looped $60 driver side motor mount $20 rear motor mount with innovative motor mount insert$ 20 02-04 cluster with like...
  10. Turbo RSX
    Worlds Quickest & Fastest True Street RSX I know before you mention the PYRSX, that car is considered on Outlaw class car due to tire size & turbo size. His tire are bigger than 24.5" tall max, & his turbo is bigger than a 67mm max. Our car has 24.5x8.5x15in Tires & a 62mm turbo & weighs...
  11. Member Show-Off EP3
    HEY ClubEP3 community!!!!!! I know i dont have an EP3 but i love the car and style, and since we both have the same motors were kinda alike, really just posting my showoff up just to show people that you can build an k20a3 up N/A wise and actually make good power doing so, because i know alot...
  12. K-Series Swaps
    Top Gear episode "Dangerous Cars" on the Histroy Channel Debuted the Hy Tech powered Ariel Atom. Supercharged 2.0 liter making 475 WHP on 15 lbs of boost. The Stig drove the car to the top of the leader board on the El Toro circut for the US version on Top Gear. Beating Tanners $400,000 Rally...
  13. Turbo RSX
    Moostanks are slow pieces of shit :(
  14. Member Show-Off RSX
    Purbread presents "World's Fastest Turtle" exclusive interview with Kenneth Lau Read more at:
  15. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    Well we are back at it again after surviving judgement day lol jk, we decided to head out to the NSCRA round 2 event at Palm Beach International Raceway. We had a great day with the cars we took running a [email protected] with our Integra 2nd time out qualifying 1st place, we also took a 95 civic turbo...
  16. Videos EP3
    Here is El Freddy's 1st full event after the car was recently completed. The car ran at this past weekend's May 22nd NSCRA event at Palm Beach International Raceway. El Freddy did go on to take home the event win while putting together multiple 7 second passes!! Congrats to the team! Checkout...
  17. Mid West
    Seth1784 428 LOW TRQ 228 suhailtheboss 206 BadAndy 154 Nguyen 153 jaguer8 143 KCRSXTypeS 90 itskien 86 -Wingman- 84 As You Fade 82 Razathorn 81 WheaMyRyceGo 45 AARONJOBE 14 RSX-Served 14 EvaUnit01 11 WhitePup 8 DWReK 7 KAYPEE 4 nima2313 3 EGSwap 2 PeterRama 2 Rindy 1 turbo...
  18. Supercharging RSX
    I want to know where I stand on the list. That 1/4 mile times thread isn't updated enough so it's difficult to see where I stand. I want that title so I need to know what to work towards.
  19. Florida
    Like the title says who has it?. post em up!!
  20. Member Show-Off RSX
    Here is my Nirto 4-tec with an RSX body. After mods it will top out at 83 MPH and 0-60 real close to 3 seconds. i'll upload a video soon with a drifting session.
1-20 of 82 Results