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  1. West Coast EP3
    if you wanna see Mr. Engels make 240+ N/A HP corn fed on a k24/k20 frank we will be meeting at fatburger in federal way at the crossings, if you do not know where it is I can get you the address. please chime in if you are willing to have a mini meet and let Matt feel the welcome of our unique...
  2. West Coast EP3
    So whats up guys? Ive been seeing a couple people here and there.. but its been a while since we've all had a meet up. So im setting a date of 14 April for us all to get together. Im thinking Fatburger in federal way.. I guess just respond or let me know if you guys are down. So far confirmed...
  3. West Coast EP3
    so its the time again for a get together and show the rest of the Honda world how EP's do it. So we are meeting up at Fatburger on Saturday at noon. If you all want we can meet up with the northern guys in seattle and roll up together from there. Let me know what you guys want to do. 1...
  4. West Coast EP3
    Well its been a while since i have seen you guys so i figured lets get a mini meet in before the winter hits. I was thinking 630 pm would be a good time to meet since there will be more parking spots, and less people around. Let me know if you can make it or not and i will add your name to the...
1-4 of 4 Results