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  1. looking to buy a k pro and a sc pully!

    Supercharging RSX
    hey guys , I'm looking to upgrade my boost . in order to do so i need a kpro ecu,retune, boost pully , new belt , intercooler , anything else? i got a fuel rail and injectors but unsure of what size because i bought the car already set up. i dont have much knowledge when it comes to cars but...
  2. F'ed up My RSX! Need some help!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I got into a car accident, hurt my RSX purrrty bad.Its a 2003 Acura RSX. I need some help estimating the cost of repair. I posted pics. The engine is fine but the bumper is ruined, my left headlight is smashed, radiator busted, air bags went off and my windshield window is cracked.
  3. Fancy Fed Car Show by DSPORT (4.23.11)

    Southern Cali
    Official Site: DSPORT presents Fancy Fed Car Show at Auto Club Speedway with the opening of Import Drag Racing Circuit (IDRC) West Coast Nationals. Roll-in: 10am-11am General Admission: $20 Kids (6-11): $5 Racer Entry: $80 (for IDRC) Fun Run Entry: $40 (for IDRC)...
  4. im fed up with this rear suspension!!!!!!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys so heres my problem, the bolt that goes through the rear strut into the nut that is welded onto the suspension arm (trailing arm) is completely fuzed inside strut tower :noes: no amount of force, impact wrench or anything else can ever get it out :firemad: i have the front new coil...
  5. Seriously fed up.. Knock sensor help.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I cannot find this damn thing to save my life.. I've checked high and low, right to left..nothing. Theres NO damn room at all on these cars. I have found this little plug right here unplugged, which looks to be on the starter harness which is also in the area of where the knock sensor is...
  6. Nitrous fed k20z3 fully tuned by Muah

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Bottom line is full tune no nitrous top line is with nitrous, both fine tuned by me. 75 shot. Belongs to boost inside on 8th civic. Tuned remotely. Was never in the car
  7. completely fed up

    ECU Tuning RSX
    for the longest time wessiah has been tuning my cars via email. the guy is a genius with this and has always provided me with some very quality tunes. no complaints what so ever, considering im in germany and the dood is stateside, hes been bad to the bone. recently with his car accident i...
  8. DC5 transplant inside.....engine/tranny...Spoon Fed

    Member Show-Off RSX
    some of my own shots....1st timer :) A pro's picture.... David Tormey
  9. Glazed or F'ed clutch, how can I tell?

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Just got the motor back in and running. Clutch Masters Stage 4, 4 puck and flywheel installed. So I was trying to get a basic fuel tune on my car and a few miles on my newly built motor so when I ship it back to the states some transporter ass hat doesn't blow it. Well my clutch died on me. I...
  10. Tranny F***ED ='[

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    So i was driving yesterday then i power shifted into 2nd and my top 3 gears felt mushy. today i was dirving and it grinded every time i went into 3rd the most. finally it happened. i shifted and then my shifter became as smooth as butter and doesnt even click into any gear at all. it only moves...
  11. My corn fed mule! LOL!

    Auto Talk
    Ok, so I have been waiting for what seems like forever since I got my AEM EMS to get a tune on E85. At last it happened! Last night my Evo got tuned at Road Race Engineering in LA. Big thanks to Scott Gray (sp) for doing an awesome job! Anyway, here is my current mod list: Mil.Spec ported...
  12. zomg so how f-ed am i right now lol

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I just won this auction. I was desperate for a new 5-channel amp but never thought I would win a 350 dollar amp with a 100 dollar bid. Now I'm all nervous I'm getting a broken amp. :thumbsup: or :thumbsdow ??
  13. I/RH/E BC STG1 Cams Dyno Sheet F'ed Up Tune...

    All Motor RSX
    So my friend went to get his car tuned about 3-4 months ago on a Mustang Dyno. His car doesn't run too well and is running way too rich. It idles fine though. Anyway look at this dyno sheet and lmk what you think of it. I don't know if the lines are supposed to bet that squiggly for a...
  14. I F'ed up

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok tonight I was on the way home an I was getting off I85 onto 16 and I hit an old friend of mine in Highschool. So of course there is no damaged to his car but my front bumper is screwed up bad. The paint is scratched to peices and this pisses me off so bad. My friend was the one driving and...
  15. So you're fed up with the OEM fogs

    Lighting RSX
    I couldn't decide where to post this, DIY?, Appearance?, so I'm putting it here. I've been muddling over the idea of finally installing the factory fogs on my '04. I got them with the car 2 years ago lol... Anyways, the thing that is holding me back is the fact that the bumper must be cut to...
  16. ebay replica fogs harness is f-ed up

    Lighting RSX
    so for christmas i got a pair of ebay OEM replica fog lights. my dad and i were installing them this morning and we came across a problem. the harness that connects from the switch to the fuse box fits at the end of the harness where the switch goes, but the 2 connections that connect to the...
  17. Fed up with Halo's

    Lighting RSX
    Well I have finally had enough of my halo's. Granted I love the look of them but replacing these damn bulbs every freakin month and having shit for visibility is starting to get to me. I want to have a black housing headlight and I am debating on whether to upgrade to HID's, get the JDM lights...
  18. my car is f'ed.. need help!!!!

    ECU Tuning RSX
    wtf... i got my k pro yesterday and the guy loaded the cai calibration for me... now yesterday my car worked great.. but this morning i turned the secondary 02 sensor off.. i saved the calibration then tried to reload it with the key turned on but the car turned said error cannot load...
  19. Clear Bra F'ed up my bumper!!!

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I won a free complete clear bra, and I hate how they look, but my paint was starting to chip bad so I went ahead and did it. They did part of the hood, fenders, mirrors, headlights, and part of the bumper. I paid them $100 extra to do the whole bumper. Now onto the crappy part. They brought my...
  20. Autocross at Fed Ex Field in DC/VA

    Auto X & Road Racing Go here for info and sign up dates. I'd say run early if you can, makes the day alot shorter. EZ, you going to this.?? Lets meet up before we head over. Anyone else want to go let us know.