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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Problem with the AC not working. The clutch was not engaging. Hoping it was the thermal protector I removed everything to get to the top of the compressor. Checked the thermal protector and it is good. Checked the field resistance and it was 0. Looks like an open coil. My question is can...
  2. Auto Talk
    Hey guys Im writing a paper for my ENG 102 class and i need some help with some field research. Im writing it about the idea of people buying domestic cars just because they live in the United states. Im sure you all know that one person who always buys GM cars and will never buy anything made...
  3. North East
    There is a Honda/Acura vs Nissan/Infiniti meet on 4/17/2010 at 2pm at Floyd Bennett Field, in Brooklyn. Other forums such as NYCMaximas, G35NYC, Acurazine, 8thCivic, NissanClub, and S2ki will be coming out. We need to get more Hondas/Acuras to come out and represent! So i'll make a list of who's...
  4. For Sale
    Hey all, I have a few items I am longer using. All prices do not include shipping or paypal fees. First item is my Joe Rocket Honda jacket. It is a size 52 (I'm a pretty big guy lol) I've owned it since about the end of last summer but have worn it for 2 months altogether and is in great...
  5. Mid West
    I know this is clubrsx and not a bmw forum, but anyone local have any experience with them? going tomorrow and hopefully getting my new car :) and yes I have posted on bmw forums so dont worry haha
  6. DC Metro I just saw this on the website anyone going to this one? I didn't see anyone at the one in VA.
  7. Mid Atlantic
    Anyone in the computer field? Programming specifically (Philly area) Ok this is a LONG shot but i figured what the hell... My dad just lost his job after 25 years, company decided to sell. He was a programmer for them. I am not aware of what languages he knows, or exactly what type of work he...
1-7 of 26 Results