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  1. titanium matte finish question

    Car Care RSX
    it has nothing to do with the rsx but i know some members here are gods when it comes to vehicle paint. i'd like to know if a titanium matte finish would benefit from a wax or polish product. the paint i'm looking at has no reflective or clearcoat properties i know of, just a titanium matte...
  2. Anyone use Nu Finish?

    Car Care RSX
    I was checking out waxes this weekend and saw Nu Finish in Target. I know people swear by different products, NXT, Zainos etc, but I don't have the time to do the proper detailing and was looking for something that was the most bang for the buck. Nu Finish advertises only needing to be used...
  3. Thanks, and a question on new car finish

    Car Care RSX
    First, I wanted to say thanks for all of the advice that I've found on this forum. I'm the happy owner of a newly purchased '04 Desert Silver RSX-S, and the information here was a big help in deciding how to care for my car. For my first cleaning I decided to go with what seems to be a...
  4. Zymol Detail Wax Enhancer and Finish

    Car Care RSX
    Got this spray stuff (blue bottle) and let me say, I couldn't be happier. I was a long time user of Meguiars Mist and Wipe, but I decided to give something new a try. They Zymol spray was every bit as easy to use... spray it on, wipe it off. I did my whole car about in about 10 minutes. It has...
  5. Diamond Finish

    Car Care RSX
    Ming Auto-Body did a diamond finish to the exterior of my car. This makes it so you never have to wax your car again. Each time you wash your car you'll have that just waxed look.:thumbsup:
  6. Finish First Polish

    Car Care RSX
    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this stuff.
  7. Anyone else use Finish First polish?

    Car Care RSX
    I have been using their product for a while, and very impressed with it. I have never try Zaino, so I can't directly compare them. The Finish Prep they have works like a clay bar, except it is liquid and you can use a soft cloth to apply it. The Polish also does a great job protecting the...
  8. DAMNIT!!!High gloss or matt finish headlight???

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Ok, so im about ready to get my headlights painted, but now im having doubts of the colour. I have a black RSX, so should i go glossy trying to match it with the paint, or go JDM look. Here r some pics to look at........ This ones gloss.......
  9. did anyone else get the First place finish package?

    Car Care RSX
    did anyone when they bought their care i found mying in the trunk and it comes with exterior renewer with teflon and carpet cleaner and vinyl conditioner can anyone tell if this stuff is good or just garbage
  10. Nu Finish any good?

    Car Care RSX
    My friend keeps on telling me how good "Nu Finish" was is and how cheap it is (its the stuff in the orange bottle). Well, he just bought a 2001 Civic and waxed it up for the first time.. He called me over to checked it out. The car felt really smooth actually (considering a bottle is $7 - $10...