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  1. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hi, I installed a race header and did the race header flash a few years ago. I have since moved to California and replaced the race header with the stock header and catalytic converter. I got all the monitors to set except for the catalyst efficiency monitor, and I'm wondering whether the flash...
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey everyone. I own a 2004 RSX Type-S with about 130k on it. Up until a few days ago it was in solid shape and I had put a lot of work into maintenance and replacing old parts. We live on a river and there was a flash flood on Monday. The car did not get completely submerged but it was...
  3. Lighting RSX
    Enter coupon code "FLASH20" at checkout to save 20% off any order! Plus get free 2-day shipping on all HID kits shipping to the contiguous 48 states. Offer ends May 13th 2016 at 10am EST. Shop now at
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Firstly, i'd like to start off by saying yes ive searched the site and found quite allot with this issue although always they mention kpro and etc.. So basically... its been very cold here for the past week car has been sitting in the garage, hasn't started for a week. My battery needs...
  5. ECU Tuning RSX
    Has anyone tried out the ktuner RBC/Rh/e/I flash that they have? Mines a dd and thats all I would plan to do since kpo for us second gen's cost allot more than its worth to me.
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I had a car alarm set up it was working fine until today, once I unlock my car the horn and headlights start flashing I have no clue as to why, I've deactivated the car alarm and for some reason the head lights still keep flashing, I removed the fuse for the horn so that took care of that but I...
  7. Lighting RSX
    Sorry if there is a post about this already but I could not find it. Basically I have hid headlights and fog lights and every time I lock the car with the remote the lights flash. I want to disarm that so it does not flash the lights is there a how to for this?? 06 type s Thank you
  8. Problems & Solutions EP3
    i got the car like 3 months ago and when using the key fob to lock the doors it wouldn't make the lights blink or the horn honk...i have tried searching with no answer. is it supposed to make the lights blink and/or horn honk? thanks. after checking my manual it says its supposed to have the...
  9. Photography
    Item for Sale: Canon 430EX Approximate age of item: Unknown; bought used Item Condition: 9/10 due to being used. Works as expected, very minor imperfections (e.g. mark on the back under the 430EX logo - I didn't even notice this when I was taking the pics, just saw it once I uploaded them)...
  10. North East For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Nikon d7000 + Battery grip [Excellent condition, comes with box, manuals, also 2 year warranty best buy...has about 5k actuations] Nikon 35mm f/1.8 [Excellent condition, comes with box + manuals + filters] Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 [Excellent condition, comes with box + manuals + filters]...
  11. Photography
    Selling and sold asap Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 w/Rodenstock UV Filter - $1600 (a few dust specs) mechanically perfect 10/10 condition Nikon SB-700 Flash 10/10 condition - $300 Sigma 30mm F/1.4 (exterior scratches, light dust) w/UV Filter, still sharp and mechanically perfect 7/10 condition - $340...
  12. Photography
    Great condition. Rarely used. $65 shipped
  13. Problems & Solutions RSX
    alright, so I had no choice but to wire my fogs into my parking light harness. yeah I know I didn't do it correctly, I bought an aftermarket fog kit and the harness was missing pretty much everything I need to plug in, even the brown connector in the engine bay wouldnt fit because they put the...
  14. n/a

    Honda Civic Si: 06 & Up
  15. Supercharger EP3
    Narrowing down my choices however the responses to my questions posed to have yielded quick, short, one line responses with little to no info. Shi**y responses IMHO. Anyways I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between their kit 989-302 that says it's ECU Flash, and...
  16. Photography
    FS Vivitar 285 Flash Made in Japan Perfect for Strobists Up for sale is a Vivitar 285. The flash itself is in excellent condition. I bought it but ended up not using it since I found a set of Canon SpeedLites for cheap. Price $40 Shipping $8.00 for Continental US Addresses Location...
1-17 of 182 Results