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  1. Florida
    So I’m getting a type s soon and just been searching for a shop to tune and/or work on the car I get but I can’t find anything online or in forums that is recent. Anyone got any recommendations? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Part Outs RSX
    Parting out a crashed Rsx and everything has to go. Located in south Florida. I will ship small and light things such as the ecu. This is the craigslist link because the picture icon doesn't seem to be working.
  3. New Member Introduction RSX
    Just got an 03 Type S last week. White with tan leather. It's my daughters car but I will be doing the wrenching. I drive a 2017 WRX. Just wanted to say hey.
  4. Florida
    Hey guys, just bought myself a RSX Type S. Just looking through the FL section and don't really see any activity. Anyone lingering?
  5. New Member Introduction RSX
    My names Josh, from Port Saint Lucie, Florida Recently got into cars around August/September when I got my first car (2004 Base Rsx) I've fallen in love with it and have learned so much about cars in the past few months. I be watching videos for Hours and just reading up on them and I've never...
  6. Florida
    THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT, just trying to spread the word for everyone's benefit. For anyone in SoFlo, specifically Dade and Broward counties, there's an awesome DIY garage that I found in north Dade. It's called Garage Yourself, and they have about 10 different lifts you can rent for $25...
  7. New Member Introduction RSX
    What's up guys. Just bought a 2002 silver type s. has aem intake and a tanabe super hyper medallion exhaust.
  8. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey guys i'm new around here. I'm from Gainesville, FL and i just bought my 1st Rsx after wanting 1 for YEARSSS! She's..... Yes my car is a Female:D.. She's a 2002 Rsx Type-s with 136K but She's a Virgin under the Hood and Drives Better than the 2014 Ford Focus and 2006 Scion XB i just got rid...
  9. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello, my name is Anthony and I have just purchased a 2005 Vivid Blue Pearl RSX Type S. I live in Southwest Florida and I do I.T. work for a living. I purchased the RSX cash to be used as my daily driver as I was putting too many miles on my first love (2014 C7 Corvette Supercharged with meth...
  10. Florida
    Any one from South Florida ?
  11. New Member Introduction RSX
    I'm Nicole, I'm new to clubrsx, just finally bought my 03 rsx. I'm not new to acura, I've own 2 integras and was a member of clubintegra so I know how the forums work. That's all :) :fistbump:
  12. Florida
    Hello All, I have no affiliation with this company. I went to my local Acura and asked for a recommendation for body work and they recommended B&R Auto Body works. They did a great job as well as pricing was great. Customer service was top notch. I didn't get any extras for this recommendation...
  13. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey my name is Anthony i am from miramar florida and i recently purchased an 05 rsx type s currentliy as it sits it is lowered 1 inch on xxr 962 that i painted white and a cold air but besides that it is stock. i have some plans for it in future that i am excited for so stay tuned.
  14. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello everyone. My name is Jason and I'm about to be the new owner of a 02 Type S. I've already started putting money down on it. Once I have the full down payment paid up I will take possession. There is currently 147,xxx on the clock so its relatively low for the year. Only problem with...
  15. New Member Introduction RSX
    :wavey: 2002 jgm rsx type s with 05/06 interior and exterior conversion. I'm 18 years old and just upgraded to this type s from my 99 integra. Really loving the car so far it's all stock (for now), Cept for a injen cai. Didn't think I would like the color too much but in less than a week it's...
  16. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey, my name is Chris and my brother was given an RSX Base model but he doesn't have his license so I am driving it. I might make a few changes it to it before he gets it but nothing too major. Here's the car, just washed it the Saturday that just passed. Plan to get a new paint job on it and...
  17. New Member Introduction RSX
    I have had my base 02 for almost 2 years but have started looking into learning the mechanics for self upkeep and maintenance. I am a complete noob but that's okay because I am sure I will learn a lot from many of you fellow owners. Looking forward to this new personal challenge. <3
  18. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi all. New to the forum and trying to help my son make an informed decision. He is looking at a one owner 2004 RSX type S automatic with 69K miles Forgive me if I don't have too much info as I am not real familiar with these cars. Everything I have read on line so far rates these cars very...
1-18 of 391 Results