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  1. New to the forum

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello to all off the rsx lovers out there
  2. New to forum

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi guys! My name is Edwin, I'm new and just got a 03 rsx type s in dsm desert silver metallic. I have been on the Honda game for a while from every civic to having 2 dc2's but always wanted a DC-5 and God just blessed me ?. Need a little tlc but little by little I'll make this car a beauty.
  3. Newish to the forum lol

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey guys, I just kind of rejoined lol I used to have an account but forgot everything to login plus new phone [emoji28] bunch of things got mixed up trying to get into my account so I basically went around for a year and a half just lurking in the shadows of the forums. Either way I just made a...
  4. New on the forum, looking for some advice on my build

    New Member Introduction RSX
    What up everyone! I actually bought my 02 type-S almost a year ago and have been slowly building. Mostly just the basics so far but now im looking into building the head. Now i hear a k24 from a TSX is the way to go for more power. Some info about my RSX Injen short ram intake Skunk 2 74" TB...
  5. Hi. New member of the forum but not new to the vast knowledge that lies here

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello. I purchased my 02 type s and did some basic stuff to it to start-exhaust, suspension, intake, headers etc. I then moved to the inside and switched to the black interior then got the k-tuned shift box. It’s been a fun learning process as I’ve chosen to do things myself because it’s like...
  6. Owner new to the forum, 2006 RSX Type-S

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello everybody. I bought this car back in July actually, got it with 85k miles on it. However I’m just getting on the forum. I bought the car as it is right now, boltons with a minor tune: N/A AEM Cold air intake, vibrant race header, 2.5” catback exhaust, motor mount upgrades, and a short...
  7. New but excited to be apart of an rsx forum

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I just bought a bone stock 04 rsx automatic. (Only because my wife will need it once in a while and shea horrible with standards) what are aome nice add ons to make it go a little faster. And just some wide open variety of advice is always welcome. I love the car anf always wanted one so I need...
  8. New to the forum

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Got an 03 rsx 5 speed tryn to sell it. Wondering what a good price is for the sacramento area. Any help would be great thanks
  9. is this forum dead?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I asked for help and no one wants to help? My RSX Base is having some issues when accelerating it feels like its getting choked up and then wants to stall if you don't let off gas my CAT was clogged got that deleted today, I replaced the fuel pump today still nothing. Idk where to do from here...
  10. First car forum

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Well, this is my first car forum and my first post so here goes nothing. To start off I own a 2003 rsx (base). It has 109k miles and runs great. The color is white and rims are stock. I'm open to suggestions on new rims (16/17's), and ideas for engine mods. I know a little bit about cars but not...
  11. New to Forum

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello All! My name is Josh and i am from Oklahoma. I am not new to the car thing whatsoever, probably one of the " old men " on this forum as far as anyone is concerned. I am coming here to buy part and maybe make some friends locally and build my terd of a RSX i got dirty cheap as a toy. As...
  12. New to the forum

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi, my name is levi I live in utah and have a 2003 acura rsx. So far i have tein basis z coilovers, spec-d headlights, kenwood stereo, skar 12 inch subwoofer, xxr 527 wheels. I would love to do more but im a 17 year old who is about to graduate high school, and being this age there are not many...
  13. New in the forum

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi, I'm Paugom! from whasington, this forum has already been a huge help! Acquired a 2005 Acura RSX-S a couple of weeks ago and have already begun my changes and maintenance. Look forward to sharing my journey and utilizing the vast knowledge available here.
  14. Missing or less forum threads?

    Forum Threads
    Is it just me or how come there seem to be less threads showing up in the forum these days? Or are they getting archived a lot more quickly
  15. new to the forum but not to the dc5 ;)

    New Member Introduction RSX
    hey everybody, new to the forum. had my rsx for 12 years now. had its ups and downs on the road but now im getting back towards planning my build since im done building my music studio. looking forward to it! getting my type r wheels this weekend and maybe a few other goodies. looking forward...
  16. Additional discount for forum members

    Vendor Deals
    Hello ClubRSX members. Just a quick reminder. We always offer an additional 5% discount off of our already deeply discounted prices for forum members. Just use promo code CLUBRSX on the left side of the 'secure checkout' screen. Your discount will be automatically applied. Also, we are here...
  17. What's up new to forum just bought 2002 rsx type s

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Just got my rsx type s last sunday get my license back august 20th I'm getting her ready thinking of k24 swap since she has 217XXX RUNS GREAT THO engine bay pic is before I cleaned the headlights I bought angel eyes tho waiting on fog lights before I install have 6k hid headlights and 3k hid fog...
  18. Missing supercharger forum

    Forum Threads
    Been a while but the boards seem to be missing a lot of sections including the turbo/supercharger sections. Did they get moved or deleted?
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    Wheels & Tires
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  20. New to the forum

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Been following the forums for the better part of a month when I picked up my 05 Type S. I've owned a few k series cars and have always loved them.