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  1. First time Type-S owner/new to forum

    New Member Introduction RSX
    What's happenin' y'all? My name is Brian, I'm 28 & I live in Cincinnati, OH... Alright, to start off, I've always loved & wanted an RSX Type-S since the first time I've seen one. For the past 6 months I've been in the market to purchase one. Love both the 02-04's & the 05-06's. But I've been...
  2. A Guide To The Forum For New Members

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello to new members of Club RSX. I made this thread to help all of you navigate the site better and guide you to your next project, help you with your current one, or point you in the right direction on where to search for information. I like to ask that you search, search, and search some...
  3. new to forum, and mass, and winter

    North East
    so I just moved up from florida about a year ago so I could get married (girls can't marry each other in the south). Anyways when I was in florida I had an integra that I loved but sold it to facilitate the move. Now that we're established I recently bought an rsx type s that was bone stock. I...
  4. New to the forum

    Member Show-Off EP3
    05 Si dropped on raceland, hfp wing and tint. Thinking about a k24 swap in the spring.
  5. Newbie to the forum

    Member Show-Off EP3
    Hey everyone, just recently signed up for Clubep3. Love all the info and posts. I have gathered so much info here. I want to post a series of pics of my ep3. What is the easiest way to post all the pics for everyone to view? I have been viewing from my phone, but this may not be the best way to...
  6. Thanks RSX forum!

    New Member Introduction RSX
    First of all I would like to thank the RSX community for the endless knowledge I have gained from just browsing the forums. I busted a motor mount the weekend I got my 03 about 3 months ago(driving like an idiot the first weekend). This is actually how I came across the forum doing a google...
  7. New to forum with a spark plug issue

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I changed the plugs on bro's 03 RSX Type S with K20A2 Engine a couple of days ago and the new plugs wouldn't get the car started. He just drove it Monday before I put the new plugs in. I put anti seize on the plug's threads before I put them in and then sprayed the wires with deoxit but when...
  8. hey CRSX! new to forum

    So to introduce myself I'm Cody turning 20 in august and just recently picked up my new 2005 Type S which I'm very happy with and can't wait to start building. Which I'm curious on a couple things being the fact with it my baby already giving me grief with loss of compression in 2 cylinders and...
  9. New to Forum!

    Canada West
    Hi guys, Just dropping by to say hi. Finally got myself an Acura Rsx 2006 Type S! :D Was wondering if you could all tell me where do you guys usually buy used/new parts for the car (ie... coilovers, lips, tires, exhaust, honda emblem, spoiler, mats, etc) aside from craigslist or this forum...
  10. New to this forum! I have a few questions.

    General Discussion EP3
    So I have some questions and concerns in which any of you soldiers can help me get a move on with my ep journey. I have an 02 ep with about 160k + miles. Had it for a few years now, daily driver. Is it true that the a3 motor vtech only kicks in, in the intake cam? And kick in around 2200rpm? If...
  11. I'm new to the forum 2002 RSX type s

    Member Show-Off RSX
    My stanced 2002 Rsx- s
  12. Issue when trying to post links

    Community Help
    hi. im new here. been reading over the site for a while now and i am really enjoying your forum. only issue is that since im a new member whenever i put a link or a picture it goes to the v bulletin filter and i have to wait for approval. its been well over the 48 hours and none of my posts are...
  13. Washington RSX meet/ FB owners forum

    Some of you are already members but for those who are not, we have another meet coming up OCT. 20th.. more info on the page. This will be the 3rd meet, with our last one being pretty successful. Hoping to meet some new people, chill, And just have a good time Facebook Page...
  14. How to Post Photos on this Forum

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi Everyone, This is Russ at Photobucket. I am part of our Community Outreach Team and my job is to make sure that your forum is the best it can be. I have noticed several posts asking how to use Photobucket to store and link images to this forum. I created this easy to follow tutorial as an...
  15. anyone on forum in or around the camarillo, CA area?

    General Discussion EP3
    well im just looking to meet some cool new people so i was just wondering... i only know one other ep in cam other than the few bone stock ones rolling around so yee. HMU!
  16. Pacific Raceways forum fest june 22nd! Roll Call

    West Coast EP3
    Well its that time again for a lot of car meets packed in a row my new wheels came on Friday, tires should be here tomorrow, so I will have my new wheel and tire set up in time. Just looking to get a headcount to see if we should meet up at the good ole fatburger in Federal Way. Meet up time...
  17. New to the forum :) unique ep3

    Member Show-Off EP3
    alright guys :) I'm Sam, new to the forum joined after having many unhelpful sarcastic people of the typer owners forum trying to be clever, hope you like my k20 not marmite but hey ho!!!!
  18. Forum Rules

    The Lounge
    Most of this stuff should be common sense and just an extension of the General Rules of the site; however, keep in mind, this OT of a car forum. But please be advised that these rules are more strickly enforced in other areas of this website. Unacceptable Content Nudity / Porno Includes but...
  19. im new at the forum idk how this work

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    But okay my question is i can't hear hitin :vtec:on my car why is tht . I got this base rsx just got it not so long ...and.
  20. Forum Acronyms for Dummies

    General Discussion EP3
    Ok guys just wanted to make a list of common acronyms used on the forum for newbies or people who just don't know them. Ill start with a few and you guys just chip in. Ill update your contributions. Thanks guys SSM- Satin Silver Metallic VBP - Vivid Blue Pearl NHBP - Night Hawk Black Pearl TW -...