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  1. Read First Dont Freak..

    Canada West
    I've been searching all night, and I cant get a clear straight forward answer.. I always get the answer to modded cars.. Now.. this is really about rev limits and shift points. Coming from my base 04 rsx to a type S I'm curious as to when the best normal shift points are.. like.. just DD and...
  2. Freak Accident

    Suspension & Brakes EP3
    My wheel wobble problems occurred more heavily and it started to bug me. I thought it might have been a wheel bearing issue or alignment issue. I'm not sure if the wheel wobble is in correlation to this, but the night before this happened I hit a pothole and thought nothing of it and the next...
  3. Wow! Freak MPG Increase With CAI?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I installed an injen CAI in the winter for a little bit and took it off when I was trying to diagnose this delayed response after shifting gears. It's still present so it's not the CAI, but I will know within a few weeks anyway when the transmission comes out. I was lazy to take off the bumper...
  4. Freak Snow Storm in Sask.

    Canada West
    Alright well around 2PM there was no snow anywere to be found in the city by 6 oclock the roads were so full of snow and slush it was very dangerous. So anyways i put my stock rims on with the front all season stock tires and the rear are dry only falkens that are 15% tred aka i was screwed...
  5. Who else is an Armorall freak

    Car Care RSX
    I always find armorall very handy after a nice wash and wax... * not even talkn about interior *armorall wipes and spray - most engine bay components. like hoses, all that vinyl under the hood towards the windshield, and the grill part, even the actuall black grill in the front if done...
  6. Small shoot tonight: EJI Freak + 4 Evos

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Small shoot tonight: EJ1 Freak + 4 Evos Random shots tonight after meeting up with Mel. Fun times, looking forward to the next. Her car is really really nice and well kept! Keep it up :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. QuickWorks Photography presents EJ1 Freak's MR DC5

    Member Show-Off RSX
  8. freak boy

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Sorry!!! been drinken !
  9. *EJ1 Freak's MR DC5...Yes I'm a Pic Whore!*

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Current Mod List: Exterior Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood Seibon Carbon Fiber Hatch JDM Type iS Front Badges Interior Custom Full Black Interior Nardi 330 Detachable Steering Wheel NRG Quick Release NRG Short Hub Suspension and Shoes Volk Te-37's Rays Extended Lugs Tein S-Techs Koni Yellows...
  10. Custom Turbo from NA freak!

    Turbo RSX
    hey guys, i am putting the ego aside and joining the dark side. my current major mods are ips k2 cams, kpro, rh, cai, exhaust. the cams should be fine (havent gotten the OFFICIAL word from ron yet), and i will sell the rh and intake (this is still a few months in hte future so no im not selling...
  11. 218 whp (Dynojet) on k20a2 k-pro "stock" motor : Factory Freak? You decide.

    All Motor RSX
    Ok, let me give you some background info. As you know k series engines are now getting installed on old civics, integras etc... There is really no stock header for the k20a/k20a2 swap into EG/EK The TSX header will fit but is restrictive according to a dyno I have seen. (184 WHP on a dynojet...
  12. Building the allmotor freak .............

    All Motor RSX
    What else do I need besides the following ? Toda Engine Kit (would ITR cams + ITR stuff be the same?) Ferrea Valves and Retainers ITR intake manifold Toda 3-way LSD Jackson Racing racing headers Borla cat-back exhaust Anything missing ???
  13. dyno results OMG i got a freak

    All Motor RSX
    ok, here goes nothing.......I went to the dyno today and did 3 pulls.....first things first...this is not SAE corrected so go figure i guess u can add or subtract HP as u wish....ok the temp was 65degrees and the humidty wus 55%. I am like below sea level so thats a plus, and NO i am a dumb @ss...
  14. Wax Experts help me the Freak OUT!

    Car Care RSX
    Hey guys, my paint looks like crap, I think I am doing something wrong here, tell me what it is.. I wash my car with a mit (wool) and I dont use the same mit on my tires and wheels, also, I dry my car with a chamoi, but I dont really clean the shami, why do I have so many freaking swirl marks...