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  1. Exterior & Interior RSX
    wtb aspec front lip preferably but wouldnt mind itr/ replica itr front lips lmk what you got willing to pay for shipping located in houston texas:thumbsup:
  2. Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    like title says. replica or not. located in houston, but willing to travel to buy. lmk what yall got:thumbsup:
  3. Florida For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    looking for 02-04 rsx side skirts and front lip (type S or R, prefer painted in white) pm me!
  4. Exterior & Interior RSX
    looking for TW sideskirts and front lip 02-04 pm me
  5. Florida For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    i am looking for a pair of TW sideskirts and a TW front lip 02-04, pm me with price... location is hollywood 33024
  6. Exterior & Interior RSX
    authentic or replica dont matter.. shoot me prices! in DESERT SILVER METALLIC ONLY
  7. Canada East
    so i guess it comes down to this... i've decided to pick up an itr front lip from pacific mall... maybe tomorrow so i need some quick responses. i was wondering if anyone knew how good the fitment is and the quality. if anyone knows please let me know and which store it was (i believe theres...
  8. Exterior Mods RSX
    Hi, I tried searching, but not much info on OEM lip with Type R sides. Just want some opinions on OEM optional frontlip with type R side skirts (mine is satin silver), Are type R side skirts not as low as the OEM ss? I wanted to get OEM side skirts, but i already have a set of Type R side...
  9. Exterior Mods RSX
    guys i really want to get one but i cant find any and i dont want to pay like 600 for it so if anybody knows a place where i can buy one for a good price or has pictures of it i would greatly apreciate it thanks in advance.
1-9 of 9 Results