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  1. Auto Talk
    This thread is for this vehicle only. Keep the retarded comments to a minimum and make sure it's thread specific. We don't need trolls coming in with comments that don't relate to anything constructive. Most information regarding this vehicle can be found on toyobaru and ft86club :fyea...
  2. Auto Talk New FT86 version. This one is a little more riced, but I'm betting the body minus the front and rear fascia is pretty much the production car. RWD Let's see if hotlinked pictures work: I did some editing based on...
  3. Auto Talk
    From Probably a disappointment to Subaru tradionalists or fans of Subaru's AWD platform, but Subaru just released its first teaser of its "Boxer Sports Car" (its version of the Toyota FT-86). Whats now confirmed is that it'll be RWD. Direct post -...
  4. Auto Talk
    pics from Turbo FT-86 by Toyota's Gazoo division. Really hope this thing comes as a Toyota and not a SCION. source
  5. Auto Talk
    FT86club has some new pics and vid of the FT86 concept from some fancy Paris showroom > FT-86 Concept On Display in Paris Toyota Showroom [VIDEO] It looks great against that white background of the showroom. Speculation is that it'll be shown at the Paris motor show next month.
  6. Auto Talk
    Via Summary: - 20 min. Q&A with Dr. Shigeyuki Hori, Project General Manager for the Sports Vehicle Management division and Kazuo Okino, Group manager for the same division - FT-86 development schedule is on time (confirmed categorically) and alleged release delays (until...
  7. General Discussion EP3 hopeing it has room for big tires .......:shady:
  8. Auto Talk
    from FT86club The production name for the FT-86 concept car will likely be the Toyota FR-S (stands for Front-engine, Rear-wheel-drive, Sports car). A scan of Toyota's recent trademark applications in the US and Canada reveals that such a name has just been registered. source...
  9. Auto Talk
    from he Toyota FT-86 pricing will be higher than originally planned. The FT-86 price will be upped in Japan from the original $20,000 starting price to $23,000 (with a fully loaded FT-86 being approximately $26,000). The FT-86 development team is also planning on...
  10. General Discussion EP3 sourse.....
  11. Auto Talk
    Via FT86club. Cool interview with the car's senior designer. Also there's rumors that the production FT-86 will make its appearance at Geneva! Source:
  12. Auto Talk lul @ username for the first question. sweet.
  13. Auto Talk
    Member at FT86club has posted pics/specs of the just unveiled Toyota FT-86 G Sport Concept from the Tokyo Auto Salon. Pics: ME likes! :love::love: Can't wait to see videos of this thing on the track.
  14. Auto Talk
    Found this @ I hope this is true. Not only will they not only be making beige appliances, but looks like they'll be giving everyone an affordable lightweight version of the FT-86. Drool.
  15. Auto Talk
    new pics: That Fuji speedway map on the FT86 dash is awesome! Doubt it'll make production but still really cool. There's some nice elements in these pics that you can't see from the few official press pics Toyota released. :thumbsup:
  16. Canada East
    WANT! :drool:
  17. General Discussion EP3 what do you think?....I am guessing its going to weight 3200-3400 heavy.:thumbsdow
  18. Auto Talk
    From Toyota's President Akio Toyoda has said that Toyota is in desperate need of an excitement injection, and here's the first dose: the Toyota FT-86 Concept. Inspired by the Corolla-based AE86 sports coupe of the '80s, the FT-86 concept was designed by the automaker's ED2...
1-19 of 20 Results