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  1. Furious 7

    TV, Music, & Movies
    Great movie. I highly recommend it.
  2. Sold!

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    All sold!
  3. Sold!

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  4. Sold

    Everything Else
  5. Sold

    Canada West: For Sale & Want to Buy
  6. Sold

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
  7. Furious 7

    TV, Music, & Movies
    Slated for release next year and already being made. This shit is getting pumped out so quickly. Justin Lin is NOT directing this one. New characters added to the movie. Interesting that IMDB has Han as in this movie. :coffee: What you think they are going to do for this one? *Do not...
  8. CRSX Fast & Furious 6 Meet at Tyson's Corner Saturday May 25th

    DC Metro
    RSX meet for the upcoming Fast & Furious 6 movie. The actual meet time is at 2PM so we can find parking spots to get all the cars together, buy the tickets in advance, and then hangout until the movie starts at 5:25PM. After the movie we can get some food/drinks at the mall (TGI Friday's...
  9. Vince's car for sale from Fast and the Furious :mam:

    Auto Talk
    saw this on an email from streetfire lol
  10. Fast and the Furious 6

    TV, Music, & Movies
    fuk yea....
  11. Fast Five & The Fast and The Furious YouTube Video

    TV, Music, & Movies
    I made this video as a tribute to the Fast and the Furious movies, hope you guys like it:
  12. Real Life 2 Fast 2 Furious

    Videos enjoy
  13. Fast and Furious RSX vs Eclipse?????? FAIL

    So i was just looking at Rsx's and i came across some wack fast and the furious type movie Check it out and get a good laugh Yall S/N - in the credits it says a Club3g member made it lol
  14. The Fast and the Furious 5

    TV, Music, & Movies I seriously want to suck on Paul Walker's and Vin Diesel's dick!!! I am that happy. Vince from the 1st one is back. Tyrese is back too, but I never liked him. They should replace him with Leon. The Rock is also playing too.
  15. Fast & Furious 5??? 2011

    TV, Music, & Movies
    here we go again!!! :vtec: with "The Rock"
  16. The Official Fast and the Furious 5 Thread

    TV, Music, & Movies
    Oh snap!, pre-production :noes: HOLLYWOOD, California -- To absolutely no one's surprise, pre-production work on the fourth sequel to 2001's The Fast and the Furious is now underway. That's right, Inside Line...
  17. Fast and Furious 4 Video

    TV, Music, & Movies
    Hey wussup people... I made a Fast and furious video and im trying to post it in forums for hits... thanks for watching... hope you enjoy j
  18. Furious at vandals in ct

    North East
    Well i was driving down summer street in southington around 9 pm today on my way to my girl's house and i heard a thump but i really didn't pay attention to it because i was on the phone with progressive (how ironic) talking about vandalism. we get to my girls house and she gets out and sees the...
  19. *Official*The Fast And The Furious 5

    TV, Music, & Movies
    Thats right, bitches :pimp
  20. fast and furious (2009)

    TV, Music, & Movies