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    All sold!
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  6. DC Metro
    RSX meet for the upcoming Fast & Furious 6 movie. The actual meet time is at 2PM so we can find parking spots to get all the cars together, buy the tickets in advance, and then hangout until the movie starts at 5:25PM. After the movie we can get some food/drinks at the mall (TGI Friday's...
  7. Auto Talk
    saw this on an email from streetfire lol
  8. North East
    Well i was driving down summer street in southington around 9 pm today on my way to my girl's house and i heard a thump but i really didn't pay attention to it because i was on the phone with progressive (how ironic) talking about vandalism. we get to my girls house and she gets out and sees the...
  9. Member Show-Off RSX
    Canada West Meet in Vancouver for the new fast and the furious moive, we had like 10 people signed up, but they everyone backed out last minute. Moive was filmed well compared to the first and second one. twins dr. jekyll and mr. hyde
  10. Northern Cali
    what did everyone think of the movie that saw it? I thought it was pretty good. i just feel that it could have had a little less drama and more racing/drifting. I noticed that this was a prequel for F&F3.. cuz Han is alive and talks about how he is going to tokyo.
  11. General RSX Discussion
    dont lie. whos watching it.
  12. Mid West
    Going with, imbest123, to see the movie tonight and will let you know how it was.:thumbsup::coffee:
  13. Northern Cali
    Ok guys, I know this sounds kind of bopperish and childish but don't hate! Anyway anyone want to roll through and watch F&F this Thursday night for opening night at 12AM??? I thought it'd be pretty cool to just roll out to Century 20 in Daly City or something - hang out talk about cars or...
  14. Canada East
    Hey guys, how many wanna partake in the ricerfest? Its like CRSX tradition for having a FnF meet! So what you guys thinking? When? Where? Movie comes out on Friday, so maybe sunday during the day????
  15. The Great State of Georgia
    Hey guys, gonna cruise a bit and then go watch Fast & the Furious Saturday. Meet at Fuddrucker's per the usual. East some food. Cruise to discovery mills to watch the movie. Don't look over... I may have a n uncontrolled raging boner like a 12 yr old boy in gym class. And who knows if...
  16. North East
    CEMA and YuppieRacing Present: Fast & Furious Meet, Movie, and Cruise Saturday, April 4th, 2009 (day after opening night) 24 Patriot Place Foxboro, MA 02035 Meet: 3pm Movie: 4:50pm Cruise: Undetermined at this time but will be back towards Boston. If you show up at 3pm I'm sure there will...
  17. Mid Atlantic
    A bunch of us from Harrisburg Tuned are going to see Fast and Furious 4 at a private prescreening event on April 2nd at midnight. It is only 7 dollars a ticket, so 3 bucks off the normal price, plus we get the theatre all to ourselves. If you are interested in going, PM me and I can hook you...
  18. Mid West
    A cool little way to kick off my 1st weekend living on my own for the first time ever! Whatever, who cares...on to the point of this thread. :coffee: W H A T: Fast & The Furious 4 mini meet! W H E R E: Muvico Rosemont 18 9701 Bryn Mawr Ave, Rosemont, IL‎ *$15 premier VIP tickets for the...
  19. Videos EP3 i laughed a lot. but are they? :deadhorse ill judge for myself.
  20. Canada East
    Hey guys check out the new trailer for the upcoming F&F :laughing: I think we should do a CRSX movie opener meet. What do you guys think?!? :rotfl: