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  1. Videos EP3 i laughed a lot. but are they? :deadhorse ill judge for myself.
  2. Canada East
    Hey guys check out the new trailer for the upcoming F&F :laughing: I think we should do a CRSX movie opener meet. What do you guys think?!? :rotfl:
  3. General RSX Discussion
    Well I know you've all been waiting for the new F&F, so heres the new trailer. Can they top Tokyo Drift!
  4. General RSX Discussion
    i hear alot of people say that and was wondering if you all would give some input, seeing as how there is another one coming out next year.
  5. Auto Talk
    Looks like we have a rally/dirt race theme for this one. How many "rallyracers" will be born overnight? :ugh::rolleyes::( Make it stop. IBsomeonesaysrepost.
  6. General RSX Discussion
    Whats up? I heard that they are doing a fast and the furious Casting call in LA? Here is the info? Project Name: Fast and Furious 4 Project Type: feature End Date: Apr 21, 2008 Age From: 18-50 Age To: 18-55 Gender: male/female Ethnicity Need: ALL Union Station: SAG or NON UNION Location...
  7. Auto Talk I'm totally going to use this and gain 699 whp!!!11one
  8. ECU Tuning RSX
    What is this? Does this actually work? Tommy
  9. Exterior Mods RSX
    You know the green car in the movie, the main blond guy drives it. What are those two white wires sticking out of the hood in the front of the car? They look like they are attached to the hood with metal suction cups. It shows it on the cover of the movie box as well.
  10. Turbo RSX
    Hey, I'm new here at clubrsx and besides that I'm only 14, but I do know a lot about cars (probably more than most adults). Anyway, I saw FATF the other day (great movie even though they made all the Asians look like assholes <IMG SRC="cwm57.gif" border="0"> :) if you haven't seen it yet it's...
41-50 of 57 Results