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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have a 2004 RSX Base model, 5 speed. I've had it for 15 years. It has 145K miles on it and still drives really well. Over the last week I have noticed a strong gas smell outside of the car only, no smell inside at all. It seems to be coming from under the car where...
  2. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I didnt know that 05-06 models have the gas tank shifted backwards about 5"-6", Honda did it for better weight distribution I guess. Mine is an 02 and I want to shift mine back as far as possible. Not sure if I need the 05-06 tank, straps, and brackets.... I need to check my tank and see if I...
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello, Rsx starts 3 seconds later it turns off. If i press the gas pedal while on "so it doesn't shut off" it will stall it. any advice is very appreciated.
  4. New Member Introduction RSX
    I have a RSX Base, 2006. In the owners manual it says regular gas in recommended for the car. When I put Plus gas I feel the pedal being more responsive to foot. When I use regular the cars acceleration is pretty slow and I have to step on it pretty far for the car to go faster unlike Plus gas...
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, i've had this problem since the day I bought my car and I initially thought it was the smell of burning oil and since then i've fixed the small oil leak that I previously had. Whenever I get in my car and roll down the windows I get this horrendous burning smell, it almost smells like...
  6. All Motor RSX
    Hey guys I was just curious to as to what would be the best pump gas around. I usually pump shell v power or 93 at BP. Is there anything around that’s better ?
  7. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey all, First, 2002 Type-S, 169k, basically all stock. Intake and exhaust no Kpro or anything like that. So last fall, I was participating in an autocross event, when sudden downpour ensued mid-run. By the time I crossed the timing light, the red flags were out and the rest of the night was...
  8. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I've notice the past couple times I went to drive my 02 type-s that when I go to accelerate the rpm's will go up but my car doesn't go anywhere. This problem seems to happen the worst when actually trying to drive outside of the normal going to the store. Any type of "fast" driving or trying to...
  9. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys my car had been getting worse than worse gas milage for the past 3 full tanks. I am getting less than 400km on a full tank. About 375km per tank on average. Converting for u guys is around 19mpg. I'm not sure exactly what is causing it but I feel like it all started after I was trying...
  10. Problems & Solutions RSX
    This morning I went to start my car, it rained the night before and it was covered in condensation. It started right up but it sounded off. It was idling at 500 rpms and it sounded like a lawn mower when I would give it some gas. The rpms would go as low as 300 and come back to 500 after a rev...
  11. ECU Tuning RSX
    Hey, so today I went to get a reflash at Church's automotive in Wilmington and the guy told me whatever I do don't put Shell gas in because it causes knocks. Now I've always used shell for 87 octane but not 91. What is your guys thoughts?
  12. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi all, I did some searching for the source of this problem with my rsx. Recently my car is smelling like raw gas. Yes it has a race header but it is not that type of smell- I can tell it is coming from under the car and near the tank. I had thought that maybe it is coming from the EVAP...
  13. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I've been smelling gas for the past 2 days and I finally noticed that I have a gas leak around the seam of the tank. It only started leaking after filling the tank up about 3/4 full. Will I need to replace the whole tank or are there any other ways to repair this issue? And will I be safe to...
  14. General RSX Discussion
    Read more about Do Engine Start-Stop Systems Actually Help You Save Gas? at
  15. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi guys, maybe you will know whats causing this My engine mounts were checked twice and are OK Drive axles are also ok, there was problem with right one which is replaced. Clutch is also not a problem, its not slipping at all Got no problem with...
  16. Problems & Solutions RSX
    My type S idles at 1800rpm, eventually drops down to 500, starts to stall then revs itself back up to 2000. When I'm driving and shifting it barely drops RPMs which is why I think its a throttle position sensor. Would the IACV do this also? I dont get any decel pops either obviously. I plan on...
  17. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have trouble refueling my gas tank. The pressure keeps shutting off the gas pump. Also gurgling sound while fueling. Is the vapor hole clog, the tiny hole right below the gas tank filler hole? EVAP hose restriction? Anybody had this problem?
  18. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I made a post a couple months back, asking if anyone knew why my car smelled like gas. So after a couple months of being lazy I finally took a look and found that the top of the fuel pump housing had a crack, and gas would leak out of there. Anyone else had this problem?
  19. Problems & Solutions RSX
    There are some cracks and probably rust around my gas cap in the "well" not on the outside of the quarter panel. I'll post a picture later but I'm wondering how bad this may be and what I should do before it gets worse considering I'll likely keep the car at least 5-10 more years. There is a...
1-19 of 500 Results