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  1. Bad gas milage. What could be the cause?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    My car seems to be running rich. I used to get 42MPG highway now im only getting about 33MPG. car seems sluggish exspecialy when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. I have an exhaust leak could this be causing the richness and lack of performance?
  2. KWA Gas Blowback USP

    Everything Else
    Practically brand new, have only fired a few shots, excellent condition. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, still has moist lubricant on the slide and barrel! Full metal slide and barrel 290 fps w/ .2g muzzle velocity Open ejection port and locking slide Semi - Automatic 100 ft effective range...
  3. Gas powered CEN ATX buggy!

    Everything Else
    Hey all, I have a remote controlled CEN ATX buggy for sale. it's gas powered. Top speed of 45mph. It needs a new axle which is about $45. it takes about 2 min. to install the axle. very easy. Other then the axle its in excellent shape. barely driven. They go for $270 brand new. Here is a...
  4. would running a gallon or 2 or race gas with 93 oc mess my engine up?

    General RSX Discussion
    hey guys i was wondering if it would be ok for me 2 run a gallon or 2 or race gas with the rest of the gas being 93 octane...a couple kids that i know do it with their mustang GT's and i was wondering if it would mess my car up? and would it even help???
  5. Squeaky gas pedal.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Is this something to look into or just ignore it? It only squeaks during the loose point of the gas pedal.
  6. Help with Gas Cap!!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys. I hope you can help me out. I just noticed today when i went to fill up gas that the metal stopper or flapper where you stick the gas nozzle is missing. I don't know how long its been like that though. Dumb question, should I worry not having one? My car is a 2006 type-s. Will...
  7. Engine Power Loss / Vibration / Gas Smell

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I've done some searching but can't find the particular answer I'm looking for. Saturday I did a compression check and everything and all cylinders were fine across the board. I accidently overtorqued a bolt that holds the ignition coil and broke the bolt on cylinder 4. I did some drilling and...
  8. -=- Pentaxis' Fully Built MR2 Progession - 370whp on Pump Gas! -=-

    Member Show-Off RSX
    08/14/08: New Pics posted on bottom of page 3! Finally after a year and half in the making, my motor project is complete and finally tuned! I had John Reed of RRev Motorsports in Portland Oregon do a complete driveability, cold start, and power tune. Here is the results for pump gas power...
  9. sucks gas and a tiny clicking

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    my car is only getting like 160 miles on a tank of gas and there is this tiny almost faint clicking noise to be heard from sounds to be the intake manifold but i don't think this makes any sense. does it?
  10. Race gas?

    All Motor RSX
    ok gotta a question for you guy didn't know where to put this so here go will race gas of high octane like lets say 100 give me better performance like more hp and will it make my car any faster?
  11. Today Gas dude pumped some 89 octane in my 06 Type S!!

    General RSX Discussion
    Alright so today I go get gas as usual and tell the guy to give me 20 bucks premium, which everyone understands to be the highest octane gas at the pump here in NJ. So the guy starts pumping the gas and i'm just chatting with my pops when i decide to check if hes putting the right gas...
  12. car stalls after getting gas

    Turbo RSX
    I have an 02 base rsx with a greddy kit and 550 injectors. I recently swapped to the type s intake manifold and throttle body. now when i fuel up at the station, my car stalls the first time i start it and i have to pump the gas pedal to get it to turn over. all times in between fuelings the...
  13. Acetone to improve gas mileage?

    General RSX Discussion
    I was just searching through websites, and i came up on this. Let me know whats your opinion on this. Here is the website. and
  14. Gas cap

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    This is going to seem like a very odd question but I desperately need an answer. Sorry for typing so much I tend to ramble. I have a 2004 DSM RSX-S. My engine is making a rattling noise, it seems to be coming from the back of the engine down near the ground. If I give the engine a little bit...
  15. 700whp rsx on pump gas???

    Turbo RSX
    anyone ever saw or heard about this???? i just got an issue on the import tuner october 2007 issue in the mail and the front cover is a acura rsx with 700whp rsx monster.... after reading the first page, it said it had 700whp on pump gas... ill post specs as soon as im done reading this
  16. Any issues with ON 100% Whey and Gas?

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    Ok guys, this is getting to be unbearable. I dont know if I'm having an allergic reaction to this stuff or what but the gas is getting uncontrollable. Its as if I have a current fart building all day and let me tell you, they STINK. Should I switch protein? I've used other brands and hate the...